Are race face chainrings compatible with SRAM?

RaceFace SRAM Direct Mount Chainring is a popular update. This chainring will fit on any of the 3 bolt compatible SRAM cranks such as XX1, X01, GX and NX. The RaceFace chainrings unique narrow wide tooth profile minimizes “chain hooking” as it ages.

Is Race Face compatible with Shimano?

Whether you’re upgrading to a 12-speed Shimano drivetrain or you’re replacing a worn-out chainring, you’ll want to consider the Race Face Cinch 12-Speed Shimano Chainring. It’s only compatible with Hyperglide + chains and is designed for use with 12-speed Shimano drivetrains.

Are all chainrings compatible?

Largely speaking, yes. As long as your attempting to replace them with a chainring(s) designed to work with your chainset. Your cranks will have a specific bolt layout or fitment spec so you can’t just fit a BMX chainring to your triathlon bike.

Do narrow wide chainrings need special chains?

The sole purpose of the narrow wide chainring is chain retention. Before narrow wide chainrings, it was always necessary to mount a chainguide to prevent the chain from dropping. Now when using a narrow wide chainring, you don’t need to use a chainguide at all.

Are race face and Shimano bottom brackets interchangeable?

Shimano BB is not GXP, that’s a SRAM/Truvativ only thing, the Shimano and Race Face external BB’s are interchangeable, and for the longest time the XTR external BB was much better sealed than the Race Face, but they have brought up their game so the current RF BB’s are almost as light and well sealed as the XTR.

What cranks are compatible with hollowtech?

2. Compatibility of cranksets and different BBs

Crankset standard BB compatibility
Hollowtech II Threaded (british, italian), BB30, BB30A, PF30, OSBB, BB86, BB90, BB92, BB95, BBright, BB386EVO,
BB30 PF30, OSBB, BB386EVO if it matches the spindle length, BB30A if the crankset has spacers on the left side

How do you know if crankset is compatible?

2 Answers

  1. Measure the length of the Bottom Bracket shell.
  2. Count how many chainrings you have.
  3. Count the teeth on the chainrings, or look for markings that may indicate the number of teeth (e.g..
  4. Count how many cogs you have at the rear.
  5. Length of crank arm is less important for me.

Is a chainring the same as a sprocket?

is that sprocket is a toothed wheel that enmeshes with a chain or other perforated band while chainring is the large forward ring on a bicycle that a chain attaches to, in order to transfer energy to a wheel a bicycle chainring consists of one or more sprockets that are driven by the cranks and pedals of the bicycle.

Are SRAM and Shimano chainrings interchangeable?

Thus, cranks from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo are freely interchangeable along with those from all aftermarket brands (e.g. FSA, Rotor, Praxis, etc.). And while it is preferable to match the chainrings/crankset to the transmission, there is no strict need to do so.

Will an 8 speed chain work on a narrow wide chainring?

Yes it works fine. I’m running a 32t Raceface narrow/wide with an 8 spd chain on my converted single speed and i’ve had no problems at all.