Are Jacques Vert still trading?

In its present form the company actively trades with the brands Jacques Vert, Précis, Dash and Eastex. Windsmoor, Planet and Kaliko are no longer actively sold, but are currently on hiatus….Jacques Vert.

Industry Womenswear concession retailer
Owner Calvetron Brands
Number of employees 4,000
Website Jacques Vert

What happened to Jacques Vert?

Jacques Vert merged with the Irisa group to become the Jacques Vert Group Ltd in 2012 and in June 2016 the company changed its name to Style Group Brands Limited (“SGBL”). In June 2017 SGBL went into administration and was sold on to Calvetron Brands.

Is Eastex still in business?

Calvetron Brands is closing its Dash and Eastex labels at the end of August, after it went into administration last month.

Who owns Jacques Vert?

The owner of the Jacques Vert fashion brand, Calvetron, is in administration, putting more than 1,400 jobs at risk. Administrator Duff & Phelps has been appointed to Calvetron, which also owns the Windsmoor, Dash and Eastex brands.

Is Jacques Vert still in Debenhams?

Calverton Brands, who operate Jacques Vert via mini outlets within larger department outlets like Debenhams and House of Fraser, are the latest retailer to be hit by the high street crisis. Calverton Brands employees 1408 staff, throughout their UK, Ireland and Canada branches. …

Is DASH fashion still trading?

Dash (stylized as DASH) was a boutique clothing and accessory chain founded in 2006 by the Kardashian sisters (Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian). As of 2017, the chain had three locations in the United States. As of April 2018, all locations have closed after 11 years of operation.

What happened to DASH stores UK?

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe made the decision to close their DASH stores in 2017. Kim announced the news in a post on her website and said the move was ‘bittersweet’. She said: “After nearly 12 years, my sisters and I have decided to close the doors of our DASH stores.

Is mantaray Debenhams own brand?

The etailer said Debenhams’ own fashion brands, including Maine, Mantaray and Principles, will be absorbed into the group’s existing brand portfolio, and sold via the core Debenhams site and its own pureplay websites.

Why is Debenhams failing?

Debenhams was left with many underperforming shops which came with high costs, including rising rents, business rates, wages and maintenance. Those liabilities got harder to cover, as revenue began to fall and the retailer booked a record £491.5m loss in 2018.

Is smooch still a store?

The Kardashians no longer own Smooch and Dash. Smooch was closed in 2009 while Dash went out of business in 2018. However, the Kardashians are own much more lucrative businesses. For example, Kim is the founder of the makeup company KKW Beauty as well as the shapewear brand SKIMS.

Do the Kardashians own a store?

In 2016, Khloé and businesswoman Emma Grede co-founded Good American, a clothing brand known for its jeans and dedication to size inclusivity. The brand has since expanded to other types of clothing, shoes, and swimwear.

Why did the Kardashians close the Dash stores?

The three eldest Kardashian sisters are closing their Dash stores to keep up with other things — namely, motherhood and their individual brands. She continued, “We’ve been busy running our own brands, as well as being moms and balancing work with our families. We know in our hearts that it’s time to move on.”