Will Uta no Prince Sama have a Season 3?

A third season aired from April 5, 2015, and under the name Uta no Prince sama: Maji Love Revolutions. On June 27, 2015, following the broadcast of the last episode of the third season, the ending message revealed that a fourth season has been confirmed.

What is Uta no Prince Sama Season 1 called?

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Anime.

Is Uta no Prince Sama a harem?

As mentioned, Uta no Prince Sama is a reverse harem series with a music theme. The first of three seasons (with a fourth season to be released at a currently undisclosed later date on the way) was released in the summer season of 2011 and centers on a very special school.

Who did Nanami end up with?

In chapter 124, Nanami tells that she and Tomoe are officially engaged. In anime, in the last OVA, Nanami and Tomoe get married among their friends, Tomoe turns into a human and Nanami loses her divine power. In Chapter 124 and at the end of Ova Episode 5, Nanami gives birth to a baby boy.

How many episodes does Uta no Prince Sama Season 3 have?

Maji LOVE Revolutions (3rd Season)

うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジLOVEレボリューションズ
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks
Network TV Aichi, Tokyo MX, Mainichi Broadcasting System, BS11, AT-X
Original Run April 04, 2015 – June 27, 2015
Episodes 13

What does Uta no Prince Sama mean?

Princes of Song
Uta no Prince-sama (Japanese: うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪, Hepburn: Uta no☆Purinsu-sama♪, lit. “Princes of Song”) is a Japanese multimedia franchise by Broccoli. The franchise has been well received in Japan, with thousands of music CDs sold and charting on mainstream music charts.

Is there any romance in Uta no Prince Sama?

Uta no Prince-sama is a comedy and romance visual novel in which the player assumes the character of Haruka Nanami.

Why did Mizuki Kiss Nanami?

Isohime extracts the eye and renders Nanami unconscious, but Mizuki kisses Nanami to become her familiar to save her from Isohime and to recover the eye.

Who killed Nanami?

After fighting his way through several transfigured humans and cursed spirits, Nanami was killed at the hands of Mahito.

How many season does Uta no Prince Sama have?

Tomoko Konparu ( Uta no Prince Sama previous three seasons) and Sayaka Konno are handling the series composition, Maki Fujioka (animation director for three previous seasons) is adapting Chinatsu Kurahana ‘s original character designs for animation and serving as chief animation director, and Elements Garden is again …

How old is Nanami Haruka?

Nanami Haruka

Haruka Nanami
Age (game) 15 (UN☆PS♪/R), 16 (SS), 17 (D/AS), 18 (ASAS)
Age (anime) 15~16 (Season 1), 17~18 (Season 2), 20+ (Season 3)
Height 157 cm (5’1″)
Weight 45 kg (99 Ibs)

Who does Haruka end up with Uta no Prince Sama?

Scenario: as it turns out, Haruka ends up falling in love with a backstage worker and they get married.