Will there be a new NCT subunit?

Lee Soo Man and NCT also brought up the upcoming large-scale project, which will lead to the formation of a new sub-unit called NCT Hollywood. Doyoung elaborated that Lee Soo Man will produce for the new members, while the current members will mentor them. He shared, “I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to it a lot.”

Will SM debut another boy group?

SM Entertainment has kicked off auditions for its next boy group! For its “2021 Global SM New Boy Group Audition,” which is open to aspiring singers all over the world, any male born between 2002 and 2008 who is interested in becoming a singer and is not currently affiliated with another agency is eligible to apply.

Is NCT getting new members 2021?

Previously, SM Entertainment’s head producer Lee Soo Man confirmed that NCT would be returning with an NCT 2021 album some time this year. Last year during NCT 2020, the group revealed two new members – Sungchan and Shotaro – for the first time.

How many groups are under SM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment

Groups TVXQ! • SUPER JUNIOR • Girls’ Generation • SHINee • EXO • Red Velvet • NCT • aespa
Subunits The Grace-D&S • SJ-KRY • SJ-T • SJ-M • SJ-H • SJ-D&E • SNSD-TTS • SNSD-Oh!GG • EXO-CBX • EXO-SC • NCT U • NCT 127 • NCT Dream • WayV • Red Velvet-I&S

Is Yuta the only Japanese member in NCT?

Until recently, Nakamoto Yuta was the only Japanese member of the KPOP boy group NCT and the only Japanese idol under SM Entertainment. He became their first Japanese idol when he debuted with NCT 127 back in 2017, at the young age of 21.

Is WinWin still in NCT 127 2021?

While Mark and Haechan are active members of both NCT 127 and NCT Dream, Winwin is no longer an active member of NCT 127 because of promotions with WayV.

Does YG have any boy groups?

Later that year, YG announced YG Treasure Box, a survival competition show to determine the line-up for their next boy group. The resulting boy group Treasure debuted in August 2020.

Is Zhoumi still under SM?

He is a member of the boy band Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-M and SM Entertainment’s project group SM the Ballad….Zhou Mi (singer)

Zhou Mi
Years active 2008–present
Labels SM Label SJ Zhou Mi Studio
Associated acts Super Junior-M SM Town SM The Ballad
Website zhoumi.smtown.com

What does SM Entertainment stand for?

Star Museum
S.M. Entertainment (Hangul: SM엔터테인먼트) is an independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of pop music, founded by Lee Soo-man in South Korea. Initially, “SM” was an abbreviation of the agency founder’s name, but now stands for “Star Museum.” Its current CEO is Kim Young-min.

Does Yuta have crush on WinWin?

He doesn’t use a pillow when he sleeps. Mark once said he has a crush on WinWin. He is known as a tsundere. He has one older sister and one younger sister.

Does Yuta have tattoos?

At the end of SMTOWN LIVE Culture Humanity, SM groups and soloists performed the unreleased song ‘Hope’, in scenes from the MV, NCT’s Yuta jumped up and when he raised his hands he showed a tattoo on his belly and another on his chest.

When does the new SM girl group come out?

SM Entertainment has confirmed that their new girl group will be debuting within Q3 of this year, meaning between this month at earliest to next month at latest With the news, more & more insider information has revealed from fans who keep up with the upcoming team

Who is SM Entertainment in partnership with MGM?

SM Entertainment to Launch NCT Hollywood in Partnership with MGM Television. By Mhaliya Scott May 06, 2021. NCT is set to have a new sub-unit called “NCT Hollywood,” which SM Entertainment will

Who is the second member of Aespa SM Entertainment?

SM Entertainment’s new girl group aespa has shared teaser images for their second member to be revealed, named Karina! After revealing teaser images of Winter, the first member of the agency’s new girl group aespa, SM Entertainment shared basic information about her!

When does the new girl group Aespa come out?

SM Entertainment’s upcoming girl group aespa has revealed the date of their highly-anticipated debut! The agency has officially announced that aespa will be debuting on November 17 with their first single “Black Mamba,” which will be released at 6 p.m. that day. Stay tuned for further details!