Why was Lynley Cancelled?

The BBC has axed dectective drama The Inspector Lynley Mysteries. A BBC spokeswoman told Broadcast that the broadcaster needed to “move on from some pieces like the Inspector Lynley Mysteries in order to allow new work to come through.”

Do Lynley and Havers end up together?

Maybe Ever After: No romantic interest is ever overtly expressed on either side between Lynley and Havers, but the series ends with both of them unattached, reunited as partners, and the most important person in each others’ lives.

What happened to the first Helen on Inspector Lynley?

Lynley also reunites with his estranged wife Helen, who has gone an extreme makeover since we last saw her at the end of season 3 when she ran away to be with her sister I think. I say extreme makeover because Helen is now played by Catherine Russell.

Does Helen marry Inspector Lynley?

Over the course of the series we’ve also been given an insight into Lynley’s personal life. In later series, he turned to old friend Helen (Lesley Vickerage) for comfort, and soon discovered there was a fine line between friends and lovers. In the 2003 story, A Suitable Vengeance, the pair married.

Does Inspector Lynley get married?

Who does Inspector Lynley end up with?

She was later portrayed by Lesley Vickerage from series one through three (from series three she and Lynley had married and she was thus known as Helen Lynley) and by Catherine Russell in series five.

Is American Skin a true story?

No, American Skin is not based on one single true story, although the movie borrows inspiration from real events and issues like police brutality.

How many episodes are there in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries?

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries is a British crime drama television series that aired on BBC One from 12 March 2001 to 1 June 2008, consisting of six series and 24 episodes.

Who is the composer of the Inspector Lynley series?

The music for the series was composed by Robert Lockhart; later series were scored by Debbie Wiseman . The first episode, A Great Deliverance, was broadcast on 12 and 13 March 2001, becoming the only two-part episode throughout the series run. It was also based on the inaugural Inspector Lynley novel.

Where did Inspector Lynley go on his holiday?

Havers is on holiday in Cornwall, learning Akido, and Lynley is also in the county to visit his mother, when a local horse trainer is found hanged in a stable on the estate next to Lynley’s. The dead… A star witness is found shot dead on the tidal flats of the Essex marshes….

Who is Barbara Havers in the Inspector Lynley Mysteries?

After a farmer is found decapitated, aristocratic Detective Inspector Lynley is assigned to the case with a resentful new partner, D.S. Barbara Havers. Error: please try again. When an old school friend contacts Lynley about a missing schoolboy, the inspector soon has to launch a murder inquiry.