Why is my power supply fan not running?

So, the main reason why your PSU fan won’t spin even when you’re under 40 percent load, is because the fan is designed that way. It won’t turn on unless your PSU needs to cool down and the load on your system has exceeded a certain limit. Another factor that affects the fan is the temperature of your PSU.

What happens if PSU fan stops working?

This will shut down the pc if the psu gets too hot caused by a failed fan or dust buildup. A cheap PSU without over-temperature protection may overheat if the fail fans and the PSU may be damaged.

Is it OK if power supply fan not spinning?

Nope, nothing to worry about. The fact that the spins when you first power it on shows that the motor is working. It simply isn’t drawing enough of a load to necessitate the usage of the fan during operation.

Should power supply fan always run?

No, often the PSU fan will not run unless it is required to cool the PSU.

How do you test a power supply fan?

How to: Test a power supply unit

  1. Shut off your PSU.
  2. Unplug all cables from the PSU except for the main AC cable and the 24-pin cable.
  3. Locate pin 4 and pin 5 on your 24-pin cable.
  4. Bend your paper clip so the ends can be inserted into pin 4 and pin 5.
  5. Turn on the PSU.
  6. See if the PSU fan turns.

Can I replace the fan in my power supply?

Typically, it’s a simple 2-pin or 3-pin(less common) power connector(soldered wires are pretty rare these days) and all you have to do is disconnect it (it’ll have small tabs holding it in so a little force is required) and replace the fan.

Is my PSU fan working?

look at it and see if its spinning? That’s hard if it’s mounted upside down and the cables are zip tied to the case. Just listen to it or touch it, if it’s loud and shaking a little, it’s spinning. Or just hold your fan under the PSU, you should feel the air being moved around.

Can you replace a PSU fan?

Does the power supply fan go up or down?

It is recommended to mount the power supply with its ventilation top cover facing DOWNWARD. The fan in the power supply will take in the warm air inside the computer case, and the power supply will exhaust the air through the back.

Can you turn off PSU fan?

There are PSUs that are designed to shut the fan down when at low load, but PSUs that aren’t designed to work this way won’t have the passive cooling capacity to keep critical components from overheating. If you want a PSU that only turns its fan on when needed, buy one that is designed to work that way.

How can you tell if the power supply is bad?

Symptoms of a failing computer power supply

  1. Random computer crashes.
  2. Random blue screen crashes.
  3. Extra noise coming from the PC case.
  4. Recurring failure of PC components.
  5. PC won’t start but your case fans spin.

How do you fix a power supply that won’t turn on?

Plug the PSU power cable into a wall socket or surge protector, and turn on the computer. Most power supply models have a light on back of the unit that glows when it’s powered on. If it doesn’t light, try a different power cable and a different socket to eliminate those items as the source of the problem.

Why is the PSU fan not connecting to the power supply?

Other reasons include loose connection of the PSU fan connector to the 2-pin header (located on the PCB of the Power Supply) or some component failure (capacitor, resistor, etc.) in the circuitry that is involved with the running of PSU fan.

What should I do if my computer fan stops working?

Maybe the fan has stopped altogether. Taking your computer to the shop is expensive, and most just replace the power supply anyway. Well, here’s the quick fix that you can do with things you may already have – and WITHOUT screwdrivers! Done right, the repair takes under a minute, and can increase the life of a fan by years.

Why is my power supply fan so slow?

Ok, so your power supply fan has started making that BRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrRRRRrrrr noise, and it’s running slow. Maybe the fan has stopped altogether. Taking your computer to the shop is expensive, and most just replace the power supply anyway.

Is there an easy way to fix a power supply fan?

If you have removed the power supply, opened it up, and removed the fan, you can oil it in this area, then put the grommet (if it exists) and sticker back in place. But what if you don’t want to go through all that work? There must be an easier way, right? Step 2: Too Much Work!!!