Why is cagatay Ulusoy famous?

Çagatay Ulusoy (born 23 September 1990) is a Turkish model and actor who started his acting career in TV series Adini Feriha Koydum (2011-2012). Since then he has had further lead roles in Medcezir (2013-2015), a remake of the television series The OC and most recently in the TV series Icerde.

What is cagatay?

Çağatay is a Turkish masculine name. It is also used as a family name. Chagatai Khan (Çağatay Han in Turkish) was a son of Genghis Khan. Chagatai ruled the Chagatai Khanate from 1226 to 1242 C.E.

How is cagatay pronounced?

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Submitted from: Istanbul, Turkey
Pronunciation: ch aa g aa t aa ai ch aa g aa t aa ai chin car go car to car pain What does this mean?
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Type of Name: First Name
Gender: Male

Can Turkish actors height?

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Profession Turkish Actor & Model
Height 183 in Cm & 6 ft
Birthday 8 Nov 1989
Country Istanbul, Turkey
Weight 95 Kg

How tall is Engin Akyurek?

1.87 m
Engin Akyürek/Height

What does Hazal mean in Turkish?

female. Origin. Region of origin. Turkey. Hazal is derived from Persian “ğazâl/غزال”, and from Kurdish Xezal, means “deer” or “gazelle”.

Who is Hazal Kaya husband?

Ali Ataym. 2019
Hazal Kaya/Husband

How do you pronounce cagatay Ulusoy in Turkish?

  1. Phonetic spelling of çağatay ulusoy. chaatay ulusoy. Çağatay Ulusoy. cagaty ulosuy. cha-tay ulusoy. ch-aa-g-aa-t-aa ii-u-luu-s-oo-ee.
  2. Meanings for çağatay ulusoy.
  3. Translations of çağatay ulusoy. Arabic : çağatay اولسوي German : çağatay ulusoy’ Indonesian : tempat çağatay ulusoy. Italian : çağatay nostra concorrente ulusoy.

When did Cagatay Ulusoy get taken into custody?

On January 25, 2013, 30 Turkish actors, including Çağatay Ulusoy, were taken into custody for a drugs probe by Istanbul’s narcotics police. In 2012, Ulusoy shot a short film, Paranoia. From 2013 until 2015, he played the lead role Yaman Koper in Medcezir ( Tide in English), loosely based on The O.C.

Who is the actor that plays Cagatay Ulusoy?

Also in September 2020, Çagatay Ulusoy appears as a guest actor in episode 3 of Menajerimi Ara (2020) directed by Ay Yapim and directed by Ali Bilgin.He plays the actor Çagatay Ulusoy.

How old was Cagatay Ulusoy when he started modelling?

After graduating from high school, Ulusoy first started studying at the Istanbul University’s Department of Garden Design and Landscaping. As a student, he then started to work as a model at the age of 19. In 2010, he won a modelling contest in Turkey and was named Best Model of Turkey.

Who is Cagatay Ulusoy in the Netflix series the protector?

In 2018,he signed an agreement with one of the most prestigious talent agencies,United Talent Agency from Los Angeles. In the first Turkish original Netflix series The Protector, Çagatay Ulusoy played a double role, namely: Istanbul’s First Protector, named Harun Akinci and Istanbul’s Last Protector named Hakan Demir !