Who won in high school rapper 1?

Yang Hong-won
Season 1 (2017)

Rank Name Rapper Name
1st Yang Hong-won Young B
2nd Choi Ha-min Osshun Gum
3rd Jo Won-woo H2ADIN
4th Kim Sun-jae snzae

Who won in high school rapper 4?

Trade L
The winner was made by the decision of online audience voting, and Trade L, the 16-year-old rapper from H1ghr Music, proved himself by winning the final battle, which helped him win 10 million Korean won as prize money and have the opportunity to release a special track with a mentor.

Who won high school rapper 3?

Seo Min-gyu
Only 3 contestants could move on to the next round. Indicates student performance not shown….Episode 2 – 3.

Rank Name Score
1 Lee Jin-woo 241
2 Kang Min-su 204
3 Seo Min-gyu 189
Eliminated Kim Dae-won 180

Will there be high school rapper 4?

On October 28, 2020, Mnet revealed a short teaser video for the fourth season of the survival show….High School Rapper (season 4)

High School Rapper
Original network Mnet
Original release February 19 – April 23, 2021
Season chronology

Did Sunwoo win highschool rapper?

In January, Sunwoo took part as a contestant in High School Rapper, but was eliminated early in the competition.

Why is high school 4 rapper blurred out?

Mnet has announced that “High School Rapper 4” contestant Kang Hyun will be leaving the show following allegations of sexual assault. On February 20, an anonymous individual made a post on an online community alleging that she had been sexually assaulted by Kang Hyun in 2018.

Did Sunwoo win school rapper?

Who won Smtm 9?

Lil Boi
The winner of the season was Lil Boi, with Team Zion. T x Giriboy as the winning producer team.

Who won Smtm 8?


Show Me the Money 8
Judges 40 Crew: Swings Mad Clown Kid Milli BOYCOLD BGM-v Crew: Verbal Jint Giriboy BewhY millic
Winner Punchnello
Runner-up Young B

How old is Kim Sunwoo?

21 years (April 12, 2000)
Sun Woo/Age

Who got censored in High School Rapper 4?

Contestant on newly premiered ‘School Rapper 4’ admits to sexual assault, to be edited out of the season. On February 20, Mnet confirmed in an official statement that rapper Kang Hyun, who made an appearance on the season premiere of ‘School Rapper 4’ on February 19, will be edited out of the series.

Is Smtm under MNET?

Show Me The Money (SMTM; Korean: 쇼미더머니; RR: Syomideomeoni) is a South Korean rap competition TV show that airs on Mnet.