Who was on the Milwaukee Bucks championship team in 1971?

Milwaukee was led by a big three on offense, Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson, and Jon McGlockin. The team average 116 points per game in their championship season. Milwaukee’s playoff run started with a showdown against the San Francisco Warriors, The Bucks won that series 4-1.

Who played with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Milwaukee?

Game 3 is on Sunday in Milwaukee. The Bucks of 1971 were led by two players still considered to be among the best in league history: Oscar Robertson and Lew Alcindor, who changed his name to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the day after Milwaukee won the championship.

Who did the Bucks win against in 1971 Finals?

Baltimore Bullets
The Finals gave fans a matchup between the Bucks and Baltimore Bullets. Milwaukee made quick work of Baltimore sweeping them in four games to win an NBA title.

Who were the players on the Milwaukee Bucks championship team?

A key part of this championship season was the acquisition of Oscar Robertson. Other role players on the Bucks included players such as Bob Dandridge (18.4 ppg), Jon McGlocklin (15.8 ppg), power forward Greg Smith & key reserves such as Lucius Allen, Bob Boozer and Dick Cunningham completing the nucleus.

Who won the NBA in 1971?

Milwaukee Bucks
1970–71 NBA season/Champion

The Bucks faced the Baltimore Bullets. They swept them and won the NBA championship on April 30, 1971 18,315 days ago.

Who coached the Bucks in 1971?

Larry Costello
The franchise won its first NBA championship in the 1971 NBA Finals under the leadership of its first coach, Larry Costello, and another in the 2021 NBA Finals under Coach Mike Budenholzer (the only other Bucks’ coach other than Don Nelson to have won coach of the year).

What celebrities are Milwaukee Bucks fans?

7 famous Milwaukee Bucks fans

  • Sheryl Crow. Soak up the [email protected] is in Milwaukee!! pic.twitter.com/BRE1W9dJ9T — Milwaukee Bucks (@Bucks) July 15, 2021.
  • Chance the Rapper.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  • Gucci Mane.
  • Aaron Rodgers.
  • Mallory Edens.
  • Christian Yelich.

Who was the coach of the 1971 Milwaukee Bucks?

The 1971–72 Milwaukee Bucks season was the fourth season in franchise history. Led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the Bucks finished in first place in the Midwest Division….

1971–72 Milwaukee Bucks season
Head coach Larry Costello
Arena Milwaukee Arena
Record 63–19 (.768)

Who won the 70 71 NBA championship?

1971 NBA Finals/Champion

Did Michael Jordan own the Wizards?

2001–02 season After retiring from the Chicago Bulls in early 1999, Michael Jordan became the Washington Wizards’ vice president of basketball operations as well as a minority owner in January 2000.

Who was the NBA Finals MVP in 1971?

Then known as Lew Alcindor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took the Milwaukee Bucks to the 1971 NBA Finals and made the most of it. In only his second year in the NBA, Abdul-Jabbar had an incredible regular season, winning the first of his six NBA MVP awards, and then dominated in the NBA Playoffs.

Who are the members of the 1971 Milwaukee Bucks?

BACK ROW: Trainer Arnie Garber, Greg Smith, Marvin Winkler, Jeff Webb, Bob Grecean, Gary Freeman, Assistant Coach Tom Nissalke, Head Coach Larry Costello. FRONT ROW: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jon McGlocklin, Lucius Allen, McCoy McLemore, Bill Zompf, Bob Dandridge, Oscar Robertson, Dick Cunningham.

When did the Milwaukee Bucks win their first championship?

Milwaukee Bucks 1971 Championship. In the postseason, they beat San Francisco (4-1) and the Los Angeles Lakers (4-1) before sweeping Baltimore in four straight for the title.

When did McCoy McLemore join the Milwaukee Bucks?

McCoy McLemore was acquired in a trade by the Milwaukee Bucks from the Cleveland Cavaliers on February 1, 1971. Oscar Robertson was acquired in a trade by the Milwaukee Bucks from the Cincinnati Royals on April 21, 1970.

When did Greg Smith join the Milwaukee Bucks?

Bob Greacen signed a multi-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks on September 1, 1969. Greg Smith was selected as the #14 pick in the 4 Round of the 1968 NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. Greg Smith signed a multi-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks on September 1, 1968.