Who sang Proud Mary first CCR or Tina Turner?

Recorded first in 1968 by Mr. Fogerty’s band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the soulful hit was covered twice in 1969—by Solomon Burke as well as the Checkmates Ltd. —and in 1970 by Ike and Tina Turner, whose hit version became a frenzied classic.

What is the tragic news about Tina Turner?

Tina Turner suffered a stroke just a few years after her official retirement. Tina suffered a stroke in 2013. In 2016, she was diagnosed with kidney failure and intestinal cancer. For a while, she considered assisted suicide, which is legal in her chosen country of Switzerland.

What movie is the song Proud Mary in?

What’s Love Got to Do with It
What’s Love Got to do With It?/Soundtracks

Who originally wrote Proud Mary?

John Fogerty
Proud Mary/Lyricists
CCR’s rootsy, laid-back “Proud Mary” is no slouch. Written by the band’s leader, John Fogerty, it remains as famous and revered as Turner’s version, and rightly so. But Turner upped the intensity of Fogerty’s country-rock anthem by a factor of 10.

Who sang Proud Mary better?

Ike & Tina Turner
Proud Mary: The Best of Ike & Tina Turner/Artists

What happened to Tina Turner today?

She lives in Switzerland with her husband. Turner and Bach, whom she married in 2013, share an idyllic home (called the Chateau Algonquin) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Who made Proud Mary first?

Tina Turner
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What is the meaning behind Proud Mary?

In the beginning, “Proud Mary” had nothing to do with a riverboat. Instead, John Fogerty envisioned it as the story of a woman who works as a maid for rich people. Thus, “Proud Mary” went from being a cleanup lady to a boat.

Did Janis Joplin Do Proud Mary?

Janis Joplin’s only Billboard No. Though “Me & Bobby McGee” was originally recorded by Kris Kristofferson’s, Joplin’s rendition is a bit more famous than the original (similar to Tina Turner’s version of “Proud Mary,” as opposed to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s original recording).