Who really owns the Paracel Islands?

South Vietnam’s claim to the islands was inherited by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam which has ruled all of Vietnam since 1975. The ownership of the islands remains hotly contested. China, Vietnam, and Taiwan all claim de jure sovereignty, although the PRC has de facto control of the islands.

Where is Hoang Sa island?

South China Sea
Paracel Islands, Wade-Giles romanization Hsi-sha Ch’ün-tao, Pinyin Xisha Qundao, Vietnamese Quan Dao Hoang Sa, group of about 130 small coral islands and reefs in the South China Sea. They lie about 250 miles (400 km) east of central Vietnam and about 220 miles (350 km) southeast of Hainan Island, China.

What country is Hoang Sa and Truong Sa?

Vietnam has full legal foundations and historical evidence asserting its possession of Truong Sa and Hoang Sa archipelagoes from at least the 17th century, before which they did not belong to the sovereignty of any country.

Why are the Paracel Islands important?

Named by 16th century Portuguese mapmakers, the Paracels are a collection of 130 small coral islands and reefs in the northwestern part of the South China Sea. They support abundant marine life. But more than being just a rich fishing ground, there is speculation the islands could harbor potential energy reserves.

What is China’s nine line?

The nine-dash line represents the maximum extent of Chinese historical claims within the South China Sea. China’s claim is not that the entire space within the nine-dash line is there territory to control, but that the islands within it, the Paracel, Spratly, Zhongsha, and Pratas, all belong to them.

Can you visit the Paracel Islands?

Travelers can opt for four half-day excursions, but only two non-military islands are currently open to tourists. These are Yinyu Island (or Observation Bank) and Quanfu Island. Yinyu island, which has a small fishing village, is only 0.01 square kilometers, about 1/50th the size of a standard basketball court.

Where is the Malay archipelago located?

The Malay Archipelago is the vast chain of islands stretching eastward from Sumatra for more than 6,000 kilometres. Most of it now falls within the sovereignties of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Is the nine-dash line of China valid?

China’s 9 dash line is an invalid territorial claim because: It is illegal. It endangers the sovereignty of multiple states with exclusive economic zones in the south china sea.

Why does China want the nine-dash line?

The nine-dash line has been used by China to show the maximum extent of its claim without indicating how the dashes would be joined if it was continuous and how that would affect the extent of the area claimed by China.

Where is Reed Bank?

Reed Bank (also referred to as Reed Tablemount, Recto Bank and several other names) is a large tablemount or guyot in the South China Sea north-east of Dangerous Ground and north-east of the Spratly Islands. It covers an area of 8,866 square kilometres (3,423 sq mi), but with depths between 9 and only 45 meters.

What is the 2nd largest archipelago in the world?

Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Canadian Arctic Archipelago It is also known as Arctic Archipelago. It is second largest Archipelago by area and comprises of 36, 563 islands.

What is the smallest archipelago in the world?

Sizeland’s charming speck of land is just one of 1,864 islands that form the Thousand Islands archipelago straddling the Canada-US border along a 100 mile-stretch of the St Lawrence.