Who owns Pure Beach Club Zante?

Brit Ben ‘BJ’ Jackson, 34, owns the popular Holiday Box Office and co-owns Pure Beach Club with Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle. With 15 years’ experience in the party resorts of Kavos, Malia, Ayia Napa, Rhodes, Majorca and Zante, BJ has seen it all – and is sharing his experience on E4’s new reality show Club Rep Wars.

Does Gaz still own pure beach club?

This club is owned by ‘Gaz’ from TV’s Geordie Shore.

Is Zante good for clubbing?

The Best Nightlife in Europe Zante is the most popular party island in Europe for 18-30 year old’s and it’s getting bigger and better every year. The island is only a short 3 hour hop from the UK and boom – you’ve arrived in sun and party lover’s paradise. Swanky pool parties are going off by day at the beach clubs.

How much is it to get into clubs in Zante?

Zante has some of the world’s best clubs including Zeros, Rescue, Cocktails & Dreams, Plus, Fishbowl and Republic Beach Club. Entry is usually between 5-20 euros depending on a standard night and you might get an event included.

Does Gaz own pure Zante?

Pure is a joint venture with Gaz from Geordie Shore, Cherry Bay and Linekers Zante and has had awesome visitors like Sigma, Sigala, Example and more over the years!

Does Gary Beadle own a nightclub?

Gaz Beadle He’s released autobiography Gaz (And My Parnsip), owns Pure Nightclub in Zante and opened clothing shop Project 722 in intu Metrocentre in 2012, although it’s been closed for a number of years now.

Is Zante a party island?

Zante has a reputation for being a party destination, but it’s much more than that. The Greek island in the Ionian Sea has some amazing family friendly resorts and one of the most picturesque beaches in Europe.

Where is the main clubbing strip in Zante?

Where Is The Zante Strip? The Zante strip is located in the resort of Laganas which is in the South of the Greek island and where you’ll be wanting to stay. It’s just a 15 minute taxi drive away from the airport which only costs approximately €20.

What should I avoid in Zante?

How Not to Die in Zante

  • Quads are bad. Quad bikes are very unstable, have no safety belt and the roads round Zante are nothing short of a nightmare, every year in Zante we have lots of accidents.
  • Balcony Fail.
  • Zante security.
  • Don’t break your neck!
  • Drunk Drivers.
  • Don’t slip up.

Are drinks cheap in Zante?

The good news is that most of the clubs in Zante are free entry and there’s plenty of cheap drinks to be guzzled on the main Strip where you can buy 50 cent shots if you know where to look. Your week in Zante may well be your first taste of freedom and independence which you have looked forward to for ages.

Is Laganas the main strip in Zante?

The Zante Strip is where you’ll be spending your nights on holiday until the sunrise. This is the main strip in Laganas but the mini-strip road that connects and leads off to the right shown in the map below, Kalamaki Road, is a great place to start a bar crawl or pre-drinks.

What does Gary Beadle own?

Pure Beach Club
Beadle became a cast member in season two of the reality series Ex on the Beach. He joined the series in its third episode. Beadle owns the Pure Beach Club in Zante, and has a clothing range. He also makes nightclub appearances and has earned personal endorsements.

What to do on the beach at Zante?

Take cooling dips in shallow crystal waters and experience rare marine life encounters. With nearby, vibrant villages close enough to walk to, and just far enough to allow for peaceful relaxation, this magical strip of beach is admittedly Zante’s prime location. Our guests call it five star!

When is pure Zante at Laganas Zante?

Pure Presents on Tuesdays throughout the summer, and Champagne Spray every Friday. Both events have a host of VIP options to make your experience extra special. Our state-of-the-art sound system and stage provide the backdrop for world-class entertainment. Zante Mega Deal 2021 | Zante’s Number 1 Selling Event Package | On Sale Now!

Is the Zante Beach a four star resort?

Zante Beach gives adventure seeking families and wanderlust couples a relaxed, hassle free, beach vacation where a local, colourful staff transform your all-included holiday into a four star life lasting memory!

Where to see loggerhead sea turtles in Zante?

Sitting on a Natura protected nesting ground of the loggerhead sea turtle, prepare to witness profound beauty. Lie in the grass beneath the pine forest that gives the turquoise Ionian its vivid colour.