Who is the new presenter on Reporting Scotland?

Laura Miller
Laura Miller became one of the main presenters of Reporting Scotland in October 2019….Laura Miller (journalist)

Laura Miller
Born Glasgow, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Education Kilsyth Academy University of Glasgow University College Falmouth
Occupation Broadcaster, Journalist

Who presents BBC Scotland news?

The programme has a fifteen strong team of presenters and reporters, who present national and international news from a Scottish perspective. It is presented by Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler from Monday to Thursday and Laura Miller and John Beattie on Fridays.

What nationality is Kirsty Wark?

Kirsty Wark/Nationality

How old is Laura Miller?

40 years (November 28, 1980)
Laura Miller/Age

Who is Laura mcghie?

Laura is a Sport Presenter at BBC Scotland.

Who is Kirsty Wark husband?

Alan Clementsm. 1989
Kirsty Wark/Husband

Where is Laura Miller now?

She lives in Oak Cliff, which is good. But then I discover that she and her husband occupy a sprawling Tudor, that Miller drives a Mercedes, employs a nanny, and sends her older daughter to Hockaday, all of which seems Highland Park-like, which, of course, is bad.

Is Laura Miller vegan?

Not exclusively. My diet is strictly vegetarian and gluten-free. I eat a lot of raw vegan food, but if my niece hands me a cheese stick, I’m going to take a bite of it.

Who are the presenters on BBC News Scotland?

Rebecca Curran and Martin Geissler will co-present Monday-Thursday while Laura Miller and John Beattie will present the news hour each Friday. On Saturdays, there will be a 15-minute bulletin at 19:00, followed by a review programme presented by Fiona Stalker and Nick Sheridan.

Who is the Scotland Correspondent for Sky News?

Previously Europe, Africa and Scotland correspondent for ITN, he started his television career with Sky News in Scotland and has worked as a reporter and presenter for STV and as a correspondent for Sky Sports.

Who is the co anchor of the nine in Scotland?

Rebecca moves into her new role as co-anchor after two years in BBC Scotland’s busy Aberdeen newsroom.

Is there a BBC Scotland channel in England?

BBC Scotland is a British television channel for Scotland which launched in February 2019, showcasing the best of Scottish programming. The channel replaced BBC Two Scotland where viewers in Scotland will receive the same programming as viewers in England at all times.