Who is the guy in voices carry video?

actor Cully Holland
The video inserts several spoken or silent short, dramatic scenes on top of the song. The band’s lead singer, Aimee Mann, plays a musician with an abusive boyfriend, played by actor Cully Holland.

Who is Aimee Mann married to?

Michael Pennm. 1997
Aimee Mann/Spouse

Personal life. Mann is influenced by and admires Leonard Cohen, Stephen Sondheim, Fiona Apple, Jimmy Webb, and her husband, Michael Penn (brother of actors Sean Penn and Chris Penn), whom she married in 1997.

Is Aimee Mann still married to Michael Penn?

Penn met fellow singer-songwriter Aimee Mann in the late 1980s, and during the recording of her album I’m With Stupid (to which Penn contributed vocals), the two struck up a friendship, which blossomed into romance and their 1997 marriage. They have no children, but Penn has a son from a previous marriage.

What movie had the song voices carry?

Some of ‘Til Tuesday’s most popular songs include Voices Carry, which was featured in the Atomic Blonde soundtrack, and Voices Carry (Single Mix), featured in the iZombie soundtrack.

How old is Aimee Mann?

61 years (September 8, 1960)
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What genre is Aimee Mann?

Country music
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What happened to Michael Penn?

In 2018, he joined two new TV series as a composer – Good Girls on NBC and Here and Now on HBO. In 2020, Penn released a new single, “A Revival”.

How far can a voice carry?

The normal intelligible outdoor range of the male human voice in still air is 180 m (590 ft 6.6 in). The silbo, the whistled language of the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of the Canary Island of La Gomera, is intelligible under ideal conditions at 8 km (5 miles).

How old was Cully Holland when he died?

Cully Holland was born on October 22, 1957 in San Francisco, California, USA as Kevin Joseph Gallery. He was an actor, known for Warbirds (1989), Hardball (1989) and Dirty Love (1988). He died on June 29, 1991 in Sacramento, California. See full bio » Show by…

Where did Cully Holland go to college at?

A one-time all state football player, [Cully] gave up the sport to be an accounting student at the University of Washington in Seattle. Entering the modeling and acting world by accident in Seattle, he found that theatre and film was his first love. He dropped out of college with a year reaming for his degree to move to New York….

Who was Cully Holland’s boyfriend in Til Tuesday?

“Voices” seems to be with the charged chemistry between the vulnerable-looking Mann and the burly Holland as the video’s demanding, bossy and very Yuppie boyfriend. But “Voices” concludes with a resonating message–with Mann breaking free of her man’s demands and staking claim to her individuality and her own voice.

When did voices by Cully Holland come out?

“Voices” got an incalculable boost thanks to its music video. MTV was still new and was still playing videos at the time and the “Voices” video was in heavy rotation on the channel in the spring and summer of ‘85. The clip benefited from the presence of Holland and the intriguing Aimee Mann and its story-telling structure.