Who is the CEO of Informatica data management?

Choose Informatica for unparalleled data management solutions. In your multicloud world, our role is clear “…to help customers weave their data together” with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud, says Amit Walia, Informatica CEO.

What are the measured areas in Informatica cloud?

Measured areas include Informatica Cloud architecture, data integration features, data synchronization, cloud mapping designer, data masking, and data replication. It will test your knowledge of integrating applications and systems, the implementation of business processes, using the process designer, and exposing composite APIs.

How does Informatica data management help Rabobank?

Fortify risk management and regulatory compliance practices with trustworthy and transparent data and operationalize data governance at scale. With Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, Rabobank can use data safely and strategically and easily demonstrate BCBS 239 compliance.

What do you need to know about the Informatica test?

This test measures your ability to utilize Informatica products in support of data governance. Measure your skills in ensuring high levels of data quality, integrity, availability, trustworthiness, and data security.


What does Informatica mean for cloud data integration?

Informatica Cloud Data Integration. The leading enterprise cloud data management solution to power business transformation. Cloud Application Integration. Integrates data sources in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-premises applications.

What is a system of record in Informatica?

Deliver a system of record that helps you discover and leverage all your data. Collaboratively find, validate, and prepare trusted data. Deliver a system of record that helps you discover and leverage all your data.

How to log in to the success portal Informatica?

If you are a registered user with any of the following Informatica Applications, you can log in to the Success portal, using the same credentials as Please note that the Informatica Cloud (IICS) credentials do not work, and you will have to register separately

How does Informatica manage data in the cloud?

Connect and integrate your data and business processes across any application and easily create, deploy, and manage intelligent APIs, with a market-leading, cloud-native solution. Deliver trusted, governed data to power your analytics, improve customer experience, and drive cloud modernization with a market-leading, cloud-native solution.

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