Who is Grandad related to in Mrs Brown?

Harold Brown, better known as Grandad, is the father of the late Redser and father-in-law to Agnes.

What happened to Grandad on Mrs Brown?

Mrs Brown’s Boys star Dermot O’Neill has revealed that he’s got the all-clear after a battle with cancer. The actor, who plays Grandad in the comedy series, discovered a lump in his throat in July 2019 and was subsequently diagnosed with cancer.

Is Mrs Brown married to Grandad?

Harold Brown: Granddad is a funny character and a bit pesty towards Mrs….Grandad.

Harold Brown
Basic info: Gender: Male Age: 102 Occupation: Unknown (likely Retired) Spouse: Unknown Children: Redser Brown (son)
Grandchild: Mark Brown, Dermot Brown, Rory Brown, Cathy Brown, Trevor Brown, Simon Brown.

Is Dermot related to Mrs Brown in real-life?

In the show Brendan’s real-life daughter Fiona O’Carroll. 40, plays his daughter-in-law as she is married to Agnes’ son Dermot. But in fact she’s actually married to Martin Delany, who plays Agnes’ son Trevor.

Is Buster Mrs Brown’s son?

The cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys is almost entirely made up of Brendan O’Carroll’s family members. Danny O’Carroll (Buster) is Brendan’s son. Amanda Woods (Betty) is Brendan’s daughter-in-law, married to Danny O’Carroll. And Martin Delany (Trevor) is Brendan’s son-in-law, married to Fiona O’Carroll.

How old is Grandad Mrs Brown?

around 97 years old
Background. Granddad Brown is an old, death-obsessed man who strongly dislikes his daughter-in-law Agnes Brown. Granddad is around 97 years old as Agnes says in “The Mammy”, and fairly fit for that age: he can stand and walk perfectly without a walking stick and was even seen nearly running in “Mammy Rides Again”.

Did Winnie from Mrs Brown died?

Mrs Brown’s Boys actors Brendan and Eilish O’Carroll’s sister Fiona has died. Eilish, who plays her brother’s character’s best friend Winnie McGoogan in the programme, has shared that their sibling passed away in Canada last month on 3 March.

Who was actor who played Grandad in Mrs Brown’s Boys?

The family of Mrs Brown’s Boys star Dermot ‘Bugsy’ O’Neill has revealed that the actor was rushed to hospital over Christmas. The actor is best known for playing Grandad in the RTE comedy.

How are the cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys related?

His on screen daughter-in-law Betty (Amanda Woods) is his real life daughter-in-law (she’s married to Danny aka Buster), while TV son Trevor (Martin Delany) is actually his son-in-law (married to Fiona O’Carroll aka Maria), and his sister-in-law plays Winnie’s daughter, Sharon.

Who is Trevor in Mrs Brown’s Boys real life?

Trevor is portrayed by Paddy Houlihan (who plays Dermot in the BBC series) in the original series and O’Carroll’s real-life son-in-law, Martin Delany, and is the real-life husband of Fiona O’Carroll (Maria Brown) in the BBC series.

Who is Sharon in Mrs Brown’s Boys real life?

Sharon is portrayed by O’Carroll’s real-life sister-in-law, Fiona Gibney, the real-life sister of Jennifer Gibney (Cathy Brown). Fiona is also one of the producers of the series, working for O’Carroll’s own production company BOC-PIX .