Who is Darren Hayes wife?

Colby Taylorm. 1994–2000
Darren Hayes/Wife

Is Darren Hayes still married to Richard Cullen?

Cullen is married to Darren Hayes, previously of Savage Garden. They married privately in July 2005 and entered into a civil partnership in London in June 2006. The couple married again in 2013 in California as a gesture of support for same-sex marriage rights.

Who died from Savage Garden?

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell
Cornell in 2011
Born Christopher John BoyleJuly 20, 1964 Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Died May 18, 2017 (aged 52) Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Cause of death Suicide by hanging

Is Savage Garden married?

Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes marries Richard Cullen for third time as act of solidarity with those fighting for same-sex marriage rights. AUSTRALIAN musician Darren Hayes has married his husband – again.

What is Darren Hayes doing now?

Now based in Los Angeles, Hayes has been embracing his love for comedy, hosting a comedy podcast called He Said He Said with new creative partner Tim Stanton and regularly performing with legendary comedy troupe The Groundlings.

Are Savage Garden still friends?

We are just different people. There’s no wrongdoing. It’s just different directions and different people. We just don’t have a friendship any more or working relationship.

What does Darren Hayes do now?

Since their split, Hayes has continued as a solo artist, with his most recent studio album, Secret Codes and Battleships, being released in 2011.

What happened to the guys from Savage Garden?

Hayes too has left music behind, but only temporarily. After studying acting and improv he’s now found a new creative partner, Tim Stanton, and is doing a comedy podcast called He Said He Said. A recent experiment saw them “test” if Hayes had any residual fame in America.

Who did Darren Hayes marry?

Richard Cullenm. 2013
Colby Taylorm. 1994–2000
Darren Hayes/Spouse

Did Savage Garden break up?

The band’s two studio albums, Savage Garden and Affirmation, reached No. These albums sold 23 million copies worldwide. The group won a record number of ten ARIA Music Awards in 1997 for their debut album and its related singles. They disbanded in the end of 2001, and Hayes continued as a solo artist.

Why did Savage Garden disband?

Indeed, Jones left Savage Garden in 2001 as he hated the lifestyle of being in a band and even being on stage. It’s who said what sometimes, it can get out of control but the reality is I never loved the lifestyle of the band or the existence of touring.

When Was Truly Madly Deeply released?

Truly Madly Deeply/Released