Who are the members of the Colombian national football team?

Stars from Colombia’s team included Carlos Valderrama and Faustino Asprilla. During this era Colombia qualified for the 1990, 1994, and 1998 World Cups, only reaching the second round in 1990. Following the murder of Andrés Escobar after the 1994 World Cup, Colombia’s team faded in the latter half of the 1990s.

Who are some famous soccer players from Colombia?

The goalkeeper René Higuita achieved fame from his eccentric scorpion kick clearance against England at Wembley Stadium in 1995. Stars from Colombia’s team included Carlos Valderrama and Faustino Asprilla.

Where does the Colombia Womens National Football team play?

The Colombia women’s national football team has been known or nicknamed as the ” Las Chicas Superpoderosas (The Powerpuff Girls)” or “Las Cafeteras (The Coffee Growers) “. The Colombia play their home matches on the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez .

Who is the best soccer team in South America?

Colombia is one of South America’s best-ranked national teams, and are also the third nation of the continent to qualify for World Cup and the Olympics, besides Brazil and Argentina. To date, Colombia is the only Spanish-speaking country whose women’s team has advanced beyond the group stage in a World Cup (in 2015).

How did Colombia get out of the 1994 World Cup?

Due to the format of the 1994 World Cup, the four best third-place finishers would advance. A header by Gavaria and a shot by Lozano gave Colombia a 2-0 victory over Switzerland. However, news that Romania had won against the US meant Colombia was out and going home.

When did Colombia play their first football game?

Colombia played its first international match against Costa Rica in the Julio Torres Stadium, obtaining a 4–0 victory against the Central American team. Years later, Colombia played at the 1938 Central American and Caribbean Games.

When did the Colombia national football team win a gold medal?

Furthermore, the team managed to make outstanding appearances at the continental level, obtaining from the Central American and Caribbean Games the gold and bronze medals in 1946 and 1938 respectively, and the Bolivarian Games the gold medal in 1951 and the silver medal in 1961, 1973 and 1981. Colombia had its strongest period during the 1990s.

How many times has Colombia been in the World Cup?

The Colombian team has participated in six World Cups ( 1962, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2014 and 2018 ). In Brazil 2014 the team achieved its best World Cup performance, reaching the quarter-finals of that event and coming fifth in the final standings.

When was the first soccer game played in Colombia?

The first game was played on 10 February 1938 against Mexico. Colombia was defeated 1–3; Luis Argüelles, Luis de la Fuente and Horacio Casarín scored for Mexico, while Marcos Mejía scored for Colombia.