Who are some famous people with the name Rumer?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sarah Joyce (born 3 June 1979), better known by her stage name, Rumer, is a Pakistani -born British singer – songwriter. Supported by leading music industry figures including Burt Bacharach, Elton John, Carly Simon, and Jools Holland, Rumer was nominated for two Brit awards on 13 January 2011.

Why did Rumer Willis go under the knife?

It seems Rumer Willis does not want to lose with her own mother regarding plastic surgery. We all know that Demi Moore also rumored has gone under the knife, and now her daughter also gets the same topic. With plastic surgery, her face looks so different than before.

How old is Rumer Willis and Demi Moore?

Rumer Willis was born at Kentucky in 1988 and she still so young because she just 32 years old. She also has known as the daughter of actor Bruce Willis and sexy actress Demi Moore who got divorced long ago. She also works in several films and television series as an actress like her parent.

Where did Rumer and her family live before moving to England?

Rumer, the seventh of eight children, was born in 1979 in Tarbela Dam, Pakistan. Rumer’s family lived there from 1977–1984 while her British father was contracted as Chief Engineer of the Tarbela Dam Project, funded by the World Bank. Her parents split and her Streatham-born mother moved back to England with Rumer and her siblings.

When did Rumer perform with Jools Holland on later?

In September 2010, Rumer performed three songs on Later with Jools Holland. She performed with British jazz singer Jamie Cullum in the 2010 Royal Variety Performance. Also in 2010, Elton John invited Rumer to be his special guest at his BBC Electric Proms concert.

Who was the singer on Rumer’s song still within the sound of my voice?

Webb then invited Rumer to record, Still Within The Sound of My Voice, (written by Jimmy Webb) which was the title track on Webb’s album, Still Within the Sound of My Voice which included other guest performances by Keith Urban, Carly Simon, among others, released later in 2013.

When did Rumer appear on the Graham Norton Show?

She appeared on The Andrew Marr show with Jools Holland at the end of 2012 and performed with Jimmy Webb on CBS Second Cup Cafe in September 2013. Rumer was interviewed on The Graham Norton show and performed PF Sloan, just previous to the release of Boys Don’t Cry.