Which is the best fire testing laboratory in the world?

QIMA labs around the world are accredited to carry out the fire testing you need to get your products certified for your destination market. Our product safety professionals will help determine the appropriate fire testing standards for your product and its destination market.

Is there a fire testing service in the UK?

Our fire testing services do not fall within our UKAS Accreditation. With over 10 years’ product and application experience you can be assured of a friendly, confidential and professional fire testing service at very competitive rates.

How is Guardian fire testing laboratories, inc.accredited?

Guardian is internationally accredited to perform product testing to over 50 standards. Have your product listed and labeled for test standard and code compliance. We review your facility to ensure production conformity. one-of-a-kind doors.

Who are the manufacturers of fire testing instrumentation?

FTT was established in 1989 and was the first company in the world to specialise in the manufacture, supply and maintenance of reaction to fire testing instrumentation. FTT have a world-wide distribution network that offers fire testing instrumentation sales, installation, instrument maintenance, technical support and training.

How is a flammability test for furniture done?

This type of flammability test is done by igniting the furniture with a lit cigarette or an open flame to simulate accidental or deliberate fires, and evaluate how the product reacts. The flammability of clothing depends on the fiber, fabric, and design of the garment.

What can you test with a burning cigarette?

To test upholstery materials with a burning cigarette. For testing the flammability of fabrics used for the interior of motor vehicles. To specifically measure ignition resistance of a 12″ x 12″ specimen when subjected to 1.5″ vertical flame for 12 seconds, as well as char length, after flame, and drip burn.

What are the international standards for fire testing?

Here’s a list of flame testing standards adopted by different countries. An international standard specifically for fabrics and textiles used in the marine industry; a flame is applied to the test sample to determine the burning behavior.