Which country is Timisoara?


Country Romania
Development region West
County Timiș
First official record 1212 (as castrum regium Themes)

What is Timis?

Definition. TIMIS. Time Management Information System. TIMIS. Transnational Internet Map Information System on Flooding (EU)

Why you should visit Timisoara?

10 Reasons to visit Timisoara | 2021 European Cultural Capital

  • Timisoara is a multicultural city and in 2021 it will become European Capital of Culture.
  • It’s affordable.
  • We’re close to 3 other European capitals.
  • We appreciate music, film & theatre festivals.
  • The food is awesome.
  • The locals are friendly.

What is there to do in Timisoara today?

Things to do in Timisoara

  • Union Square (Piata Unirii) Begin your Timisoara adventures with a walk around Union Square, named in 1919 at the end of WWI.
  • St George’s Church.
  • Casa Bruck.
  • Visit the Art Museum.
  • Stroll umbrella street.
  • Take the free walking tour.
  • Victory Square.
  • The Orthodox Cathedral.

Why you should not visit Romania?

There’s really not much to see here. The landscapes are boring, the beaches are ugly, the food is quite disgusting, and the castles are small and lame. And don’t even get us started on history. There is literally no historical tale worth telling in the whole country.

Where is the city of Timisoara located in Romania?

Timișoara ( UK: / ˌtɪmɪˈʃwɑːrə /, US: / ˌtiːmiː -/, Romanian: [ t i m i ˈ ʃ o̯a r a] ( listen); German: Temeswar, also Temeschwar or Temeschburg; Hungarian: Temesvár; Serbian: Темишвар, romanized : Temišvar; see other names) is the capital city of Timiș County and the main economic, social and cultural center in western Romania.

What kind of medical services does Timisoara have?

Like many other large cities in Romania, Timișoara is a medical tourism service provider, especially for dental care and cosmetic surgery. Timișoara has made several breakthroughs in Romanian medicine, including the first in vitro fertilization, the first laser heart surgery and the first stem cell transplant.

When did the Austrians take control of Timisoara?

Conquered in 1716 by the Austrians from the Ottoman Turks, Timișoara developed in the following centuries behind the fortifications and in the urban nuclei located around them. During the second half of the 19th century, the fortress began to lose its usefulness, due to many developments in the military technology.

Why is Timisoara the European Capital of Culture?

Along with Oradea, Timișoara is part of the Art Nouveau European Route. It is also a member of Eurocities. Timișoara has a very active cultural scene thanks to the city’s three state theaters, opera, philharmonic and many other cultural institutions. The city will be the next European Capital of Culture in 2023.