Which area is under Sengkang GRC?

The constituency consists parts of the Sengkang town area. The four divisions of the GRC are Anchorvale, Rivervale, Compassvale and Buangkok. It is led by He Ting Ru.

Is fernvale under Sengkang GRC?

In light of the 2020 General Election, Sengkang West SMC was dissolved and split between Ang Mo Kio GRC and the new Sengkang GRC, with the entirety of Fernvale (Blks 4XX) and Anchorvale (Blks 3XX) redrawn under the respective GRCs.

What is GRC and SMC?

There are two types of electoral division or constituency in Singapore: the single member constituency (SMC) and the group representation constituency (GRC). In a GRC, a number of candidates comes together to stand for elections to Parliament as a group.

How many constituencies are there in Singapore 2020?

There are 93 elected seats in Parliament organised into 14 Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) and 17 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs)….Electoral divisions.

2015 2020
Seats 89 93
Electoral divisions 29 31
Group representation constituencies 16 17
Four-Member GRCs 6 6

Why is it called Ang Mo Kio?

History of Ang Mo Kio Ang Mo Kio in Hokkien literally means the ‘red-haired man’s bridge’, where ang mo is a colloquial term for a Caucasian person. The name makes reference to the bridge over Kallang River in the area, built by Johnson Turnball Thomson, Government Surveyor of the Straits Settlement from 1841 to 1853.

What is the difference between SMC and GRC?

Constituencies are classified as either Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) or Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs). SMCs are single-seat constituencies but GRCs have between four and six seats in Parliament.

What is GRC system?

GRC (for governance, risk, and compliance) is an organizational strategy for managing governance, risk management, and compliance with industry and government regulations. GRC helps companies effectively manage IT and security risks, reduce costs, and meet compliance requirements.

How many types of MPs are there in Singapore’s 14th Parliament?

The present Fourteenth Parliament has 104 MPs, consisting of 93 elected MPs, 2 Non-Constituency MPs (NCMPs) and 9 Nominated MPs (NMPs).