Where with Contains in Linq?

All, Any & Contains are quantifier operators in LINQ. All checks if all the elements in a sequence satisfies the specified condition. Any check if any of the elements in a sequence satisfies the specified condition. Contains operator checks whether specified element exists in the collection or not.

How do you check if a list contains a string in C#?

if (myList. Contains(myString)) string element = myList. ElementAt(myList. IndexOf(myString));

How do you check if a list contains a value C#?

public bool Contains (T item); Here, item is the object which is to be locate in the List. The value can be null for reference types. Return Value: This method returns True if the item is found in the List otherwise returns False.

How contains works in LINQ?

The Linq Contains Method in C# is used to check whether a sequence or collection (i.e. data source) contains a specified element or not. If the data source contains the specified element, then it returns true else return false.

How add contains in LINQ?

LINQ Contains operator is used to check whether an element is available in sequence (collection) or not. Contains operator comes under Quantifier Operators category in LINQ Query Operators. Below is the syntax of Contains operator. public static bool Contains( this IEnumerable source, TSource value);

What is any () in C#?

The Any method checks whether any of the element in a sequence satisfy a specific condition or not. If any element satisfy the condition, true is returned.

How does C# contains work?

C# String Contains() The C# Contains() method is used to return a value indicating whether the specified substring occurs within this string or not. If the specified substring is found in this string, it returns true otherwise false.

What is IEquatable in C#?

The IEquatable interface is used by generic collection objects such as Dictionary,TValue>, List, and LinkedList when testing for equality in such methods as Contains , IndexOf , LastIndexOf , and Remove . It should be implemented for any object that might be stored in a generic collection.

Is in C sharp?

The is operator is used to check if the run-time type of an object is compatible with the given type or not. It returns true if the given object is of the same type otherwise, return false. It also returns false for null objects. Here, the expression will be evaluated to an instance of some type.

What contains LINQ?

How use contains method in C#?

Contains() is a string method. This method is used to check whether the substring occurs within a given string or not. Parameter: str: It is the string which is to be checked.