Where is cafe racer in Athens GA located?

Cafe Racer is located on Highway 78 just east of Athens Georgia. We offer a rotating selection of Counter Culture Coffee available in drip or espresso + handmade potato donuts made daily + big ole breakfast biscuits all served out of our double drive-thru windows Thursday to Sunday.

Where can I get a cafe racer bike?

By their very nature, café racers were modified and customized versions of production offerings, typically built in garages and backyard sheds. Because racing and track-only models weren’t available to nonprofessionals, most rider’s only real option (if they wanted a racier bike) was to build one themselves.

When did the first cafe racer come out?

Complicating the matter even more is the fact that production café models are by no means a new phenomenon, with every decade since the 1950s offering turn-key models that we would today classify as café racers. In the late ‘50s and ‘60s, AJS had their 7R “Boy Racers” while Norton famously produced its Manx model.

What kind of engine does a cafe racer have?

Its single cylinder engine with 535cc puts out 29hp and 44Nm to move the 184kg of dry weight. Not the fastest modern cafe racer, but it’s got the looks, the sound, the ride is good and the single cylinder torque makes it a desirable bike. And at a price of $8,300, not too expensive.

Where can I get a cafe racer part?

You can do this by telephone +31 (085) 06 06 5 or by e-mail: [email protected]. A fellow cafe racer fan will be happy to help you!

How did Ducati get the name cafe racer?

According to Ducati, they applied the Scrambler moniker as a brand name rather than a styling exercise. Needless to say, the Scrambler is very Scrambler-ish, so, when they added the words cafe racer I wasn’t the only person left a little confused.