Where is Ash-2-Life book?

the Phatt City Library
Ask for some Ash-2-Life and Guybrush will need to give her some of Rapp’s ashes, and a book: The Joy of Hex. You should have both, but the book can be found in the Phatt City Library if you didn’t get it earlier. Once the Voodoo Lady has the ashes and the book, she’ll make you a batch of Ash-2-Life.

How do you win the spitting contest in Monkey Island 2?

Use the crazy straw on the green Phlegm and Tonic to drink it. Guybrush will remark that this drink makes his spit thicker. Talk to the Spitmaster again. He will announce your return to the spitting contest.

How do you get the knife in Monkey Island 2?

Look near bottom of screen, you will see a hatch leading down to the Bloody Lip bar and you will see some windows on the side of the ship. The window on the far left is accessible. WALK TO WINDOW and you jump into the window and find yourself in the kitchen. There’s a knife on the table…

Where is the shovel in Monkey Island 2?

A shovel can be obtained on the stage at The Long John Silver Center for the Performing Arts.

How do you catch the rat in Monkey Island 2?

Matt Jusinski mntr stnd. you have it all, prop the box up with the stick and put the cheese in. Tie the string to the stick. When the rat goes in, snap it shut.

How do I get near grog?

Take the Vanilla Envelope from the shelf and then open it to find a Bottle o’ Near-Grog. Leave the jail, walk back to the path and go to the mansion. Open the gate and go through the front door.

How do you get fish in Monkey Island?

To get the fish, walk to the far right end of the small pier, and click the right end of the bottom-most plank. The plank is loose, and will knock the seagull into the air. Repeat this until you have enough time to pick up the fish. Time to leave the Scumm Bar and go back into the town now.

How do I claim my Largos ticket?

Head to the swamp and fill the bucket to acquire a bucket o’ mud. Go inside Largo’s room, close the door, and use the bucket with the door. Follow Largo to the laundry place, return to his room, and close the door. Grab the laundry claim ticket on the back and give it to the laundry guy to obtain the ingredient.

Where is Largos laundry ticket?

It was hanging on the back of the door to Largos room in the Swamp Rot Inn.

How do you get red herring in Monkey Island?

It was found outside the kitchen of the Scumm Bar on a small dock. To get it, Guybrush Threepwood had to first scare away a seagull.

Where is Largos ticket?

How do you get Largos clothing?

Go back to the laundry and show Mad Marty the Laundry Claim Ticket to get Largo’s clothes, a Pearly-White Bra. Go back to the Voodoo Lady and give her the items she needs to make a voodoo doll, Largo’s Spit, the Toupee, Bone and the Bra. Go back to Largo’s room. Before he throws you out use the Pins on the Voodoo Doll.