Where did the tornado hit in 2011?

Over 175 tornadoes struck Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee, the most severely damaged states. Other destructive tornadoes occurred in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, and Virginia, with storms also affecting other states in the Southern and Eastern United States.

What was the name of the tornado in 2011?

The most destructive tornado was in Franklin County, Tennessee on the afternoon of February 28 where one person was killed by an EF2 tornado. It was the first killer tornado of 2011. Another strong tornado, rated EF3, resulted in houses destroyed near Eminence, Kentucky.

What town in the US was devastated by an F5 tornado in 2011?

2011 Joplin tornado

EF5 tornado
Max. rating1 EF5 tornado
Casualties 158 direct fatalities (+8-9 indirect), 1,150 injuries
Damage $2.8 billion (2011 USD) (Costliest tornado in U.S. history) $3.22 billion (2021 USD)
Areas affected Jasper County and Newton County, Missouri; mostly the city of Joplin (part of a larger outbreak)

How many people died in the 2011 tornado?

348 fatalities
It was the nation’s deadliest single tornado in over 50 years. A total of 348 fatalities occurred across multiple states, including 253 in Alabama. Those 348 fatalities were the most in a tornado event since April 5-6, 1936. More than 3,000 others were injured during the multi-day outbreak.

Where was 2011 super outbreak?

Super Outbreak of 2011, also called Tornado Super Outbreak of 2011, series of tornadoes on April 26–28, 2011, that affected parts of the southern, eastern, and central United States and produced particularly severe damage in the state of Alabama.

What caused the April 2011 tornado outbreak?

A strong upper level low pressure system moved across the northern Plains and the associated cold front tapped into a very moist and unstable atmosphere, producing an extraordinary tornado outbreak across the southeastern United States.

How many F5 tornadoes were there in 2011?

The Super Outbreaks of 1974 and 2011 produced seven F5s and four EF5s, respectively. Similar patterns in F5 frequency extend back in unofficial data at least to 1880, according to Tom Grazulis, considered by many to be “the dean” of independent U.S. tornado researchers.

Which US city has been hit by the most tornadoes?

The answer is Oklahoma City, says Brent McRoberts of Texas A&M University. “Oklahoma City is almost in a class by itself when it comes to tornado activity,” he explains.

What was the worst tornado outbreak in history?

The deadliest tornado in world history was the Daulatpur–Saturia tornado in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, which killed approximately 1,300 people. In the history of Bangladesh at least 19 tornadoes killed more than 100 people each, almost half of the total for the rest of the world.

What states were affected by the 2011 tornado outbreak?

The states affected were Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, and New York. Of the states affected by the storms, Alabama fared the worst, with more than 230 fatalities and roughly 2,200 injured.

When did the tornadoes start in April 2011?

Significant April 2011 Tornado Outbreaks: April 4th | April 9th–10th | April 14th–16th | April 19th | April 22nd | April 26th–28th. April 2011 was one of the most active, destructive, and deadly tornado months on record for the United States, and could become the benchmark that future months will be compared to.

When was the last time there was a tornado in April?

The previous April record was 267 tornadoes, which occurred in April 1974, and the record for any month was May 2003, when there were 542 confirmed tornadoes. The 30-year average for number of April tornadoes is 135.

When was the tornado outbreak in central Alabama?

Historic Outbreak of April 27, 2011. As part of a system which wreaked havoc across the eastern half of the United States (April 25-28), the following is an account of the tornado outbreak of April 27th, 2011, in Central Alabama.

Where was severe weather on April 27, 2011?

To tell the story of April 27, 2011, one has to recognize that there were two distinct waves of widespread severe weather in Central Alabama. The first wave of severe storms moved through during the early morning hours across northern portions of Central Alabama in the form of a Quasi-Linear Covective System (QLCS).