Where can I watch the sunrise in Maui?

Watching A Haleakala Sunrise

  1. Visitor Center. The best place to experience a sunrise on Maui is from the Summit Visitor Center.
  2. Red Hill Observatory. The Observatory at the top of Puu Ulaula (“Red Hill”) is just past the first parking lot and marks Haleakala’s highest point.
  3. Kalahaku Overlook.

What time is Haleakala sunrise?

No, you only need a sunrise reservation to access the summit during sunrise hours (3:00 AM to 7:00 AM). The sunrise reservation can only be used on the day specified on the reservation itself.

How long does it take to drive to the top of Haleakala?

Plan ahead: Driving to the summit of Haleakalā can take between 2.5 and 3.5 hours, depending upon which part of the island you’re leaving from. The entrance station to the park is at 7,000 feet, and the summit is another 3,023 feet upwards at 10,023 feet.

Can you do Haleakala sunrise on your own?

If you want to watch the Haleakala sunrise, you NEED a reservation. (Or you need to go for a Haleakala sunrise tour.) If you want to go after sunrise time, then you can go to Haleakala without a reservation on your own!

Where is the best sunset in Maui?

You’ll Love These 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset on Maui!

  • Haleakala National Park. The first place that comes to mind when choosing the perfect spot to watch the sunset on Maui is the Haleakala National Park.
  • Kapalua Bay.
  • Keawakapu Beach.
  • Lahaina Pali Trail.
  • Po’olenalena Beach Park.

Is the Haleakala sunrise worth it?

9 Important things to know before you go. If you’re heading to the beautiful island of Maui and trying to decide whether or not it’s worth planning a visit for a Haleakala Summit sunrise or sunset, the answer is yes! Either time you decide to go, it’s definitely worth it.

Is it better to see sunrise or sunset at Haleakala?

“Temperatures immediately before dawn and immediately after dusk are regularly below freezing,” the Haleakalā National Park Service cautions, so both sunrise and sunset will be pretty cold, and you’ll thus need to dress pretty warm. Overall, many locals will say that the sunset experience on Haleakalā is the best!

Can you go to Haleakala without a reservation?

So can you enter Haleakala National Park without a reservation? The short answer is: “yes”. You can head straight to the park without prior arrangements and have access to most of the facilities throughout most of the day.

Where is the best place to see sunrise in Maui?

The best place to view a Maui sunrise is Haleakala Summit. Some of the very first visitors to Maui, including Mark Twain in 1866, ventured to the summit for sunrise. Today the winding 38 mile Crater Road sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Where to go for the best sunset in Maui?

Where to Go for the Best Sunset in Maui 1. Haleakala National Park . The summit area of Haleakala National Park is an excellent place for watching one of Maui’s… 2. Po’olenalena Beach Park. Another place to catch the best sunset in Maui is Po’olenalena Beach Park. While this beach… 3. Kapalua

Where is the sunset on Maui?

Maui Sunset is at 1032 South Kihei Road, in a section of Kihei (south Maui) that contains many condo complexes. It’s just north of the Kihei Center, a shopping center that includes Long’s Drugs and Big Wave Cafe.

What is the dormant volcano in Maui?

The Haleakala National Park (see more photos) is one of Maui’s main visitor attractions. Located on the south side of Maui, the park’s main feature is the famous Haleakala Crater . Mt. Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world. It last erupted around 1790.