When did Cristina Saralegui leave El Show de Cristina?

After El Show de Cristina ended in 2010, she briefly hosted the talk show Pa’lante con Cristina (“Moving Forward with Cristina”; 2011–12) on Telemundo. Beyond her media success, Saralegui launched an eyewear line in 1997 and a collection of home furnishings in 2004.

Where was Cristina Saralegui born and raised in Cuba?

Cristina Saralegui. Actress | Producer. Born January 29, 1948 in Havana Cuba, Cristina was brought up in the strict image of her grandfather, magazine publisher Don Francisco Saralegui, known throughout Latin America as “The Paper Czar.”. He introduced young CRISTINA to journalism.

When did Cristina Saralegui start her media company?

In 2001 Saralegui and her husband founded a media company, Cristina Saralegui Enterprises, Inc., and they opened a television production studio in Miami. In 2005 Saralegui was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame, a body recognizing leadership in the electronic arts.

When did Cristina Saralegui publish my life as a blonde?

My Life as a Blonde, was published in both English and Spanish in 1998. In 1999 Saralegui celebrated her 10th anniversary as host and executive producer of El Show de Cristina. At the time, the program was seen by an estimated 100 million viewers in some 15 countries and had already earned several Emmy Awards.

Where did Cristina Saralegui and her family come from?

Saralegui is of Spanish descent with all four grandparents having origins in the Basque Country. Her paternal grandfather Francisco Saralegui was from Lizarza and grandmother Amalita, an Asturian from Gijon. In 1960, following the Cuban Revolution, Saralegui and her family fled to Miami, Florida, United States, and settled on Key Biscayne .

What is the name of Cristina Saralegui’s new book?

Cristina Saralegui, one of the Spanish-speaking world’s best-known personalities, had been somewhat off-grid the past few years. But she’s back, speaking about recent rough patches in the pull-no-punches style that has been the cornerstone of her career and pitching a new book, Rise Up & Shine!

What kind of arthritis does Cristina Saralegui have?

At 66, Saralegui says, she has found peace. She suffers from severe arthritis and ataxia, which affects coordination, but she still enjoys traveling overseas with her husband. When she’s home, she devotes herself to her grandchildren. “They spend the weekends at my house.

How many children does Cristina Saralegui have with Marcos Avila?

She has been married to Marcos Avila since 1982, a former member of the Miami Sound Machine, and from this marriage she has a stepdaughter, Stephanie. Together they have one child, son Jon Marcos.