What was the strongest French battleship in ww2?

French battleship Richelieu

Class and type Richelieu-class battleship
Displacement Standard: 37,250 long tons (37,850 t) Full load: 43,992 long tons (44,698 t)
Length 247.85 m (813 ft 2 in)

What did the French Navy do in ww2?

The French Navy saw little action during the war. However, in June 1940 it took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk. When it became clear that the Vichy government would not allow the French Navy to fight with the Allies, the Royal Air Force launched an attack on French ships at Mers-el-Kebir and Dakar.

Are French battleships good?

French cruisers are very fast, enabling them to fulfill a variety of roles. They are capable of being effective destroyer hunters and cruiser killers. These cruisers are excellent fire-starters, benefitting from a high fire chance. This can be used to great effect against battleships.

What happened to Richelieu?

Richelieu died on 4 December 1642, aged 57. His body was embalmed and interred at the church of the Sorbonne. During the French Revolution, the corpse was removed from its tomb, and the mummified front of his head, having been removed and replaced during the original embalming process, was stolen.

How many guns are on the French battleship Dunkerque?

The new French vessel would be armed with a battery of eight 305 mm (12 in) guns mounted in two quadruple gun turrets, both arranged forward, since the French envisioned using the ships to chase down the Italian cruisers.

What kind of ship was the Dunkerque class?

The Dunkerque -class ships’ relatively small size and light armament and emphasis on speed rather than protection, especially compared to the other treaty battleships of the period, has led some to classify them as battlecruisers.

Why was the Dunkerque sent to Mers el Kebir?

The French never caught the German cruisers, and instead the vessels were sent to Mers-el-Kébir to deter Italy from entering the war against France. After Germany defeated France in the Battle of France in June 1940, the French were forced to neutralise their fleet, and the two Dunkerque s were to remain inactive at Mers-el-Kébir.

What kind of armor does Dunkerque have?

She plays extremely similar to North Carolina, Iowa, Nelson, or Izumo in that she is very durable when bow on, but has weak armor when broadside. Be careful to avoid close quarter brawl or static bow-on battle with other battleships early in the game as a well placed salvo can disable one or even both of her turrets.