What US military base is in Naples Italy?

NSA Naples
NSA Naples, Italy is a United States Navy Base. Located at the Naples Airport in Naples, Italy, the naval base is home to both the United States Sixth Fleet and the United States Naval Forces Europe.

Is there a US naval base in Italy?

Naval Air Station Sigonella (IATA: NSY, ICAO: LICZ) is an Italian Air Force base (Italian: Aeroporto “Cosimo Di Palma” di Sigonella), and a U.S. Navy installation at NATO Base Sigonella in Sicily, Italy. NAS Sigonella has the best claim to be hub of U.S. naval air operations in the Mediterranean.

Is Naples Italy a good place to live?

Naples, Italy, is characterized by reasonably priced housing. Our data reflects that this city has a good ranking in healthcare and tolerance….Education.

Best university in ranking University of Naples Federico II
PISA ranking 26
PISA ranking (high school) [score] 0.71
PISA reading (high school) 23

How to dial a DSN number in Italy?

To dial using a DSN: 314-632 + XXXX (4 digit extension). Calling from the USA: First dial 011, the US exit code. Then dial the commercial country code for Italy which is 39. For example, from the USA dial 011-39-0434-30 + XXXX.

Where is Aviano AFB located in Italy?

Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Aviano Air Base (IATA: AVB, ICAO: LIPA) (Italian: Base aerea di Aviano) is a base in northeastern Italy, in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. It is located in the Aviano municipality, at the foot of the Carnic Pre-Alps or Southern Carnic Alps, about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) from Pordenone.

Is Naples the worst city in Italy?

Naples has the worst quality of life in Italy, while the northern city of Turin is in decline, according to Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper’s annual rankings of Italian provinces. The southern city is home to the Camorra mafia, often cited as the reason Naples suffers from poor infrastructure and a high crime rate.

What’s wrong with Naples Italy?

The city has been a dumping ground for toxic waste for decades. Naples’ trash problem goes way back. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Camorra, the local mafia in Italy’s Campania region, has been dumping industrial and nuclear waste in and around the city of Naples since the 1990s.

How do I call a DSN number?

To call within the DSN system, just dial the 7-digit number. To call a commercial number from a DSN line, first dial ’99’. To call a DSN number from a commercial or cellular phone, dial 05033 + last 6 digits of DSN the number (NOTE: This will only work when calling Army installations.

How do you call Navy by phone?

To dial overseas direct you must dial the DSN prefix “94”, the DSN geographical code at the top of each directory page (314 = Europe, 315 = Pacific, etc.), the seven digit phone number and if prompted your Fort Leavenworth PIN; for example the operator in Germany is 94-314-430-1110 (and your assigned PIN if prompted).