What time of year do the bats fly in Austin?

The Austin bats nightly departure is seasonal. They fly South for the winter like their feathered friends. They usually arrive in early March and leave in late October after the first cold snap hits. As climate change leads to warmer weather, they are slowly arriving earlier and sometimes arrive in late February.

Do bats migrate from Austin?

Austin’s resident bats are Mexican free-tailed bats, which migrate each spring from central Mexico to various roosts all over the southwestern U.S. On their nightly flights the bats eat anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds of insects, including mosquitoes and harmful agricultural pests.

Do the bats in Austin come out in winter?

Bats that do migrate during the winter months are coming back earlier than before. Typically, bat season in Central Texas starts in March, Whitson said. But some bats have been recorded coming back to town in January and February, she said.

Which way do the bats fly in Austin?

It’s common knowledge that bats are mostly nocturnal creatures that take late evening and nightly flights eastward as the sunsets. This is the case for the nearly 2 million bats in Austin, Texas. They fly eastward from the Congress Avenue Bridge down the mighty Colorado River.

Do the bats fly every night in Austin?

The bats do continue to fly out every single night, but some nights they are very difficult to see. By the first week of November, the bats have begun to migrate, for it is starting to get cold and there is low visibility. Every morning, the bats return to the bridge about 30 minutes before sunrise.

Do the bats always fly in Austin?

What diseases do little brown bats carry?

Little brown bats can transmit diseases like rabies, as well as parasites like tapeworms, fleas and mites.

Where do little brown bats live in North America?

Little brown bats ( Myotis lucifugus) live in vast swaths of North America having been spotted from sea level to at least 7,500 feet, from coast to coast in the United States and Canada, and as far south as Mississippi all the way up to Alaska.

When do bats begin to migrate to Texas?

They begin their migration to Texas in February and by early spring female bats form large maternity colonies where they will raise their young. There are only a small number of suitable sites for these large maternity colonies because the bats require high humidity and temperature levels. In June, mother bats give birth to one pup each.

Why do bats migrate to hibernacula in summer?

They may migrate hundreds of miles to get from their summer habitats to hibernacula. A variety of wild mammals, birds, and snakes will incorporate these bats into their diets, because the large colony sizes make them easy to catch.

Why is the little brown bat population declining?

The population of little brown bats is declining. They are one of many bat species suffering from white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease that affects hibernating bats and causes death. Little brown bats tend to go where people go, because many of the structures we build are suitable habitat for them.