What time is Happy Hour at roaring Fork?

We offer happy hour daily from 5-7 p.m. in our open seating bar and lounge areas.

Does Roaring Fork have a dress code?

Casual,nice jeans or office attire. Men don’t need jackets or ties.

Who owns Roaring Fork?

Guy Villavaso and Larry Foles, owners of Roaring Fork and founders of Eddie V’s and Wildfish restaurants, are bringing home the bacon (and several other pork-centric dishes) to Phoenix early next month in the form of their Austin-based restaurant Salty Sow.

Does Roaring Fork have outdoor seating?

Roaring Fork in North Austin at Stonelake offers a variety of indoor and outdoor private dining options with beautiful lakeside scenery.

Is Roaring Fork Motor Trail one way?

The narrow, winding, Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail invites you to slow down and enjoy the forest and historic buildings of the area. The 5.5-mile-long, one-way, loop road is a favorite side trip for many people who frequently visit the Smokies.

Who owns Salty Sow Austin?

At least, that’s what the restaurateurs Larry Foles and Guy Villavaso, owners of Salty Sow, are banking on.

What restaurants does Larry foles own?

Larry Foles, along with partner Guy Villavaso, opened Z’Tejas, Hopdoddy, Eddie V’s (which they sold for a small fortune), Salty Sow, Roaring Fork, Red Ash and most recently ATX Cocina.

Why is Roaring Fork closed today?

Why is Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail Closing? According to the National Park Service, the Roaring Fork Motor Trail is closing earlier than usual this year because they want to get a jump start on repairing and replacing a total of eight bridges found along the trail.

Can you walk the Roaring Fork Motor Trail?

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is a one-way, scenic loop that is 6 miles long. The drive on the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail begins at the Noah “Bud” Ogle farmstead, where you can take a walking tour of the historic buildings and pick up a tour map of the roadway sights.

Who owns tumble22?

Harold Marmulstein
Inspired by Nashville hot chicken, Harold Marmulstein, Salty Sow Chef and Owner is expanding his portfolio bringing his chef-inspired knack to the newest venture Tumble 22 Hot Chicken, changing the way Austin experiences chicken.

What do Nick Foles parents do?

Larry Foles
Melissa Foles
Nick Foles/Parents
His father, Larry Foles, is a self-made millionaire. Larry is the co-founder of Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, which was a huge moneymaker throughout Nick’s childhood. In 2011, right when Nick hit the ground running in the NFL, Larry made his own huge play. He sold off 11 Eddie V’s franchise locations.

Who are Nick Foles parents?

Nick Foles/Parents

Where is the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale AZ?

Located at the corner of Congress Avenue and 7th Street, our Saloon or Main Dining Rooms are perfect semi-private areas for up to 80 guests. Our private Wine Room and Kitchen seats 32 guests.

What are the dining rooms at the Roaring Fork?

Roaring Fork’s private dining rooms, patios, and large dining areas are ideal for your next business meeting, luncheon, holiday party or social gathering. With the sophistication and flair of our American Western Cuisine, we can fulfill numerous special requests.

What to do at the Roaring Fork in Austin?

Roaring Fork’s ideal blend of energy and intimacy has made it a favorite for over a decade. Roaring Fork’s private dining rooms, patios, and large dining areas are ideal for your next business meeting, luncheon, holiday party or social gathering.

Where can I get a Roaring Fork rewards card?

Pick up your Rewards Card at any Roaring Fork Restaurant location. Register your Roaring Fork Rewards Card by clicking the button below. For every dollar you spend with us at Roaring Fork Wood Fire, you will earn 10% towards your reward program balance.