What size forks on Sportster?

39mm Diameter Motorcycle Fork Tubes for Harley-Davidson Sportster.

What do fork tube extensions do?

Now you can get a longer front fork without having to install longer inner fork tubes. These fork tube extensions replace the stock fork tube caps and are made from solid, hi-grade steel with a chrome finish.

How long are stock Sportster fork tubes?

39mm Fork Tubes for Sportster / Dyna Narrow Glide Stock Length 24.25″

Can you put a Softail front end on a Sportster?

Dave63 said: It’ll work, but you have to deal with the issue of the fork stop. Some softails have external, where as some have internal.

What’s the difference between Wide Glide and narrow glide?

The term Narrow Glide refers to a front end with closer fork tube spacer than a Wide Glide front end, which is traditionally a 41mm Harley Big Twin fork. An example of a front fork made from modified stock parts is boring 39mm Narrow Glide triple trees to accept 41mm (wide glide) fork tubes.

Are fork extensions safe?

Are Forklift Extensions Legal? Forklift boom extensions are legal, but they come with rules to prevent accidents. They should not exceed 1.5 times the length of the forks and must be able to support an evenly distributed load of three times its rated capacity.

How do you measure fork on a Harley?

Fork lengths measured in inches from the bottom of the lower fork bearing cup (or a point parallel to it on the fork tube) to the center of the axle hole. With this list, you can determine the length of a set of tubes, a springer, a girder, or whatever, you need.

What is stock length for Harley front ends?

Measurement is from “The top of the bottom tree to the center of the axle”, and their “stock” front end is 23″.

What kind of front end Kit do I need for a Sportster?

Take your Sportster’s design and attitude to uncharted levels of awesomeness with a new Sportster front end conversion kit. J&P carries many styles of Harley-Davidson sportster forks, or give your bike the classic look of a Harley Sportster springer front end kit in chrome, black, or even polished copper.

What kind of rake does a Harley Davidson Sportster use?

2009 XLC 1200 Harley-Davidson Sportster factory rake 30 ° before and after with +14 ° of rake and 4″ longer fork tubes. View our selection of kits for your bike Also available, chrome steel rake kits by AME for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, & Yamaha cruisers. Look! Another New Product by Chopper Supply If you like big front forks, you gotta love this!

How big is a Dyna extended fork tube?

31″ Long. Hard Chrome Finish. Centerless ground outside diameter to O.E.M. specifications and machined the rest of the tube to exact ID specs, material is buffed and hard chrome plated for a durable finish. Sold in pairs. Fork seal kit included.

What kind of tire does a Harley Davidson Sportster have?

Harley-Davidson XL, FXD, FXST, & FLST models. Sportster with 200 mm wide tire kit, compared to factory 130 mm tire. $1495. Click Here for More Info