What size engine is a Suzuki Boulevard M50?

805 cc
Suzuki Boulevard M50

Manufacturer Suzuki
Engine 805 cc (49.1 cu in) V-twin engine
Bore / stroke 83 mm × 74.4 mm (3.27 in × 2.93 in)
Compression ratio 9.4:1
Ignition type Electronic

What CC is a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50?

The Suzuki Boulevard M50 has performance to match its image. Its liquid-cooled 50-cubic-inch V-twin engine features an advanced Suzuki fuel injection system that gives it terrific torque down low and an incredibly wide powerband.

How much horsepower does a Suzuki M50 have?

Suzuki Boulevard M50

Make Model Suzuki Boulevard M50
Max Power 36.5 kW / 50 hp @ 6500
Max Torque 65 Nm / 6.6 kgf-m / 47.9 ft-lb @ 5000 rpm
Clutch Wet, multiple discs, cable operated
Transmission 5 Speed

What is the top speed of a Suzuki Boulevard M50?

3200 RPM
lbs) @ 3200 RPM . With this drive-train, the Suzuki Boulevard M50 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of ….

Suzuki Boulevard M50 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Seat details
Wheelbase 1,655 mm (65.2 inches)
Length 2,395 mm (94.3 inches)
Width 890 mm (35.0 inches)

Is Suzuki M50 a good beginner bike?

It is my opinion that the M50 is NOT a good first bike. It is balanced very well and rides great but it is heavy. The 500 or 600 cc bikes are better first bikes. After you have done your first year on a smaller bike then move up and have lots of fun.

What’s the difference between Suzuki C50 and M50?

Major Similarities and Differences Both feature an 805cc engine and a relatively light weight (around 650 pounds for the C50, under 600 for the M50). Besides weighing less, the M50 is a slightly more powerful motorcycle with 56 horsepower as opposed to the C50’s 53 and 69 Nm of torque instead of 62.

Is Suzuki M50 fuel injected?

Engine Features Robust, 805cc (50 cubic inch), liquid-cooled, fuel injected, V-twin powerplant is built to deliver exciting torque from down low in the rpm range.

Is the Suzuki M50 reliable?

2008-02-22 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M50 Sport Bikes View Listings. The M50 feels like a very solid quality product. It’s very reliable and you just get the feeling it’s made right. It sounds great stock and the transmission is nice and smooth.

Are Suzuki Boulevards any good?

Besides the overall look of a crossover and an old-school classic, it is also ingeniously designed, which enhances the modern attributes as well. The riding experience on the Suzuki Boulevard S40 is very comfortable. It makes it an ideal bike for everyday use and occasional trips not too far from home.

Is 2007 Suzuki M50 fuel injected?

Are Suzuki C50 reliable?

Suzuki’s classic cruisers for any tour length. The Suzuki Boulevard C50 and C50T are your classic old-school cruisers. These Japanese cruisers are simple, reliable torque-producing cruisers designed for relaxed riding down the highways and byways.

How many miles will a Suzuki C50 last?

They are remarkably reliable. With proper maintenance, a C50 engine will go 60-75,000 miles between overhauls.