What should I wear to the John Muir Trail?


  • Backpack that’s large enough to hold a bear canister.
  • Pack raincover.
  • Small daypack (optional)
  • 3-season tent.
  • Tent footprint (recommended)
  • Warm sleeping bag: 15°F rating.
  • Sleeping pad.
  • Whistle (plus signaling mirror)

Do I need gaiters on the JMT?

Gaiters (optional) – Will keep rocks and dirt out of your shoes. Dirty girl gaiters are recommended.

What size backpack do you need for JMT?

The most common capacity for JMT packs is definitely in the 55-65 liter range. This makes sense given the need to balance lightweight gear with enough space for a bear can and many days of food. A couple of the packs on the smaller end are obviously too small to fit a bear can.

Do you need a bear canister on the John Muir Trail?

JMT hikers must properly store their food while on the trail by using an approved bear canister (which protects your items not only from bears, but also from rodents). All food, toiletries, scented items, and trash must go in your canister, and you must lock it whenever it is not in use.

How much water should I carry on the John Muir Trail?

But in the backcountry, water purity should always be top of mind. During my 13 days on the John Muir Trail, I typically drank about a gallon (four liters) a day, but on the hotter and/or more strenuous days, I’d drink up to 1.5 gallons (six liters). Then I’d use another liter or so for cooking, depending on the meal.

How much does it cost to hike the John Muir Trail?

Assuming you are hiking alone, live pretty close to the trail, have all the gear you need and want to eat pretty well; you can expect to shell out at least $825 to hike the JMT.

How much does it cost to hike JMT?

In all honesty you should probably expect to spend closer to $1,200+ including additional travel costs (many people have to fly to California first), extra food prep items, and the various additional equipment you will need for the JMT versus your regular weekend backpacking trips (like a bear canister, new boots, a …

How much water can you bring on a JMT?

As a rule of thumb, it’s pretty common to hike with no more than two liters at any given time along the JMT. Though many of the water sources you’ll find along the JTM run clear and appear free of sediment, you’ll still want to purify your water. We used the SteriPEN Ultra as our main purification method on the JMT.

Are there bears on the John Muir Trail?

Bears and bear canisters on the Pacific Crest Trail and John Muir Trail. In California, the bear population has grown from about 10,000 in the 1980s to around 35,000 now. Their range has also expanded. In places where you didn’t use to worry about bears getting your food, there are now bears.

Where can you camp on the JMT?

The Top 10 Campsites On The John Muir Trail

  • Lower Cathedral Lake (mile 17)
  • Thousand Island Lake (mile 43)
  • Lake Ediza Junction (mile 47)
  • Virginia Lake (mile 72)
  • Bear Creek (mile 96)
  • McClure Meadow (mile 119)
  • Lakes North of Pinchot Pass (mid 159)
  • Middle Rae Lake (mile 172)

Is the John Muir Trail Safe?

The most dangerous part of any John Muir Trail thru-hike is the drive to the trailhead. The wilderness in general has far fewer hazards than your average freeway, and – unlike on the interstate – if you avoid gross lapses of judgment you can almost guarantee your survival.

What should I pack for the John Muir Trail?

In this complete John Muir Trail gear list, I share every piece of gear I packed for my John Muir Trail hike. I include recommendations for the big JMT gear items such as your tent, sleeping bag, bear canister, sleeping pad and water filter, all the way down to the little things (watch, sunscreen, maps, and more).

What kind of gear does John Muir use?

**Some of the newer packs come with their own built-in rain covers, including some of the new Deuter packs Stove: Jetboil Flash Cooking System + fuel canisters – Compact and super efficient. One small fuel canister lasted over a week. Great for boiling water and cooking simple meals like ramen and cous cous. Want to go more gourmet?

Do you need permit to hike John Muir Trail?

Obtaining permits will be your first big hurdle, but don’t let that deter you, the JMT should be on every hiker’s bucket list. Of all the trails we’ve hiked, the JMT is one of our all-time favorites. One of the most important considerations for thru-hiking the JMT is determining what gear to bring.

What kind of socks to wear on the John Muir Trail?

Socks: Darn Tough Coolmax Hiking Socks (2 pairs) + SmartWool M edium Cushion Hiking Socks (1 pair) + Darn Tough Hiking Socks are the best. My feet stayed mostly blister-free and the socks held up.