What should be included in drug and alcohol policy?

The workplace drug and alcohol policy should clearly state the aim of the policy, such as to: Foster a safe workplace environment. Encourage safe and positive behaviors. Discourage drug and alcohol use.

How do you create a drug policy?

6 Tips for Creating a Drug Policy & Alcohol Policy

  1. Discuss—out loud—the company’s objectives.
  2. Get outside expertise.
  3. Make the policy accessible to everyone.
  4. Clearly state what’s prohibited conduct and make it company-specific.
  5. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a robust FAQ section.

What should be included in an effective drug free workplace program?

Most successful drug-free workplace programs have five key components:

  • A written policy.
  • Employee education.
  • Supervisor training.
  • An employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Drug testing.

What is drug abuse policy?

A substance abuse policy is a principle or protocol of an organization that aims to maintain a healthy work environment free from the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol. This is intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of the employees.

What do you need to work with alcohol?

You’ll need to be trained by an approved training provider. You can find an approved training provider using Liquor & Gaming NSW’s online search and mapping tool. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll need to apply for an RSA or RCG competency card if you don’t already have one.

Why is drug and alcohol policy important?

Drug and alcohol policies and procedures form an important part of occupational health and safety management in any business. For employers, this generally means preparing and implementing a health and safety policy to eliminate potential workplace hazards. …

How can I be drug free at work?

Yes. California’s Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1990 requires every employer who is awarded a contract or a grant for the procurement of any property or services from any state agency to certify to the contracting or granting agency that it will provide a drug-free workplace by publishing a statement notifying employees …

What are the steps for establishing a substance abuse free workplace?

Drug and alcohol employee training, aka employee awareness training….Drug and Alcohol Testing: How it’s done, when to do it, and your options for administration.

  1. Draft a Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  2. Train Your Supervisors.
  3. Train Your Employees.
  4. Start An Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  5. Drug and Alcohol Test Your Employees.

How does substance abuse affect the workplace?

Substance abuse in the workplace can lead to decreased productivity and increased physical injuries and fatalities. Approximately 16% of emergency room patients injured at work have alcohol in their system. The likelihood for workplace accidents skyrockets when employees are under the influence.

Is drinking at work a dismissible Offence?

The employer has to handle addicts like sick and disabled people, and treatment should be part of the employer’s strategy. However, being drunk at work constitutes misconduct and an employee can be dismissed.

Can you drink alcohol at work?

Yes, there are benefits. Obviously not every industry can allow alcohol at work. (Drivers, medical personnel, and operators of heavy machinery should wait until they’re off the clock for a beer or glass of wine.)

How does alcohol affect the workplace?

Drinking not only increases the possibility of employees getting injured, it can also lead to more on-the-job accidents. Additionally, alcohol can cause a lack of concentration and coordination in an employee’s work performance. This reduces productivity, which in turn impacts business goals and objectives.

Why do employers need a drug and alcohol policy?

As such, an employer may be held liable for any negligent or wrongful acts committed by a drug- or alcohol-impaired worker unless the employer takes all reasonably practicable steps to prevent the behaviour. For these reasons it is important for employers to implement a drug and alcohol policy for the workplace.

How to report drug use at workplace?

talk to him.

  • Observe your coworker’s behavior if you suspect that she suffers from drug abuse.
  • Tell your immediate supervisor if you believe that a coworker is taking drugs at work.
  • Call your company’s anonymous hotline.
  • What to include in drug and alcohol policy?

    Drugs & Alcohol: 12 Things to Include in Your Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy Policy Statement. Statement of Purpose. Policy Scope. Workers’ Duties. Bases for Testing. Testing Procedures. Privacy of Test Results. Violations. Consequences of Violations. Rehab Rather than Termination.

    What are some examples of substance abuse in the workplace?

    Frequently Abused Drugs in the Workplace. Alcohol. Prescription stimulants like Adderall , Vyvanse, and Ritalin . Illegal stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamine. Antidepressants like Prozac , Cymbalta , Celexa, Trazodone , Zoloft, and Wellbutrin .