What movie has Fievel the Mouse?

An American Tail

Award Category Nominee
Saturn Award Best Fantasy Film An American Tail
Best Music
Youth in Film Award Best Animation Voice Over Group Phillip Glasser (Fievel) & Amy Green (Tanya)
Best Motion Picture – Animation An American Tail

How old is Fievel the Mouse?

seven years old
Fievel is seven years old, born in ~1879. When he narrates the start of An American Tail: The Illustrated Story in 1986 he is ~107 years old and speaking to his great-grandchild.

Is Fievel Goes West Disney?

Fievel Goes West garnered its first American television airing on April 13, 1997, via a Disney Channel “Tune In to Kids and Family Week” promotion of another TV debut, Pocahontas (1995).

What’s the name of the cat in Fievel Goes West?

Cat R. Waul

Cat R. Waul
Debut An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
Appears in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Fievel’s American Tails
Voice actor John Cleese Gerrit Graham (in Fievel’s American Tails)

What religion is Fievel mousekewitz?

The Mousekewitz Family is a family of five mice, who are the central focus of the An American Tail series, particularly the middle child Fievel. They are very religious Jews, as shown in the beginning of An American Tail where they are celebrating Hanukkah.

Where can I watch Fievel Goes West?

Watch An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Does Fievel have a love interest?

Willie is a minor character in the Fievel Goes West comic who acts as Tanya’s love interest, and may have originally been intended to appear in the film.

What does the giant mouse of Minsk represent?

What does it represent? The Giant Mouse of Minsk was a Russian mouse folk tale that Fieval’s father used to always tell him. It represents the immigrants using their own talents, and customs to become successful in America, to gain respect and to fight for their rights as new American citizens. 14.

Who is the voice of Fievel the Mousekewitz?

He is a member of the Mousekewitz family and a fearless and cute male mouse who rarely gives up when he has a problem. Fievel is voiced by Phillip Glasser in the first two films and the TV series and is voiced by Thomas Dekker in the other sequels. Fievel is usually dressed in a red shirt and a pair of blue pants.

Why was Fievel Mousekewitz separated from his family?

He is a young mouse of Russian-Jewish heritage who was driven from his native home due to antisemitic prejudice – during the trip to America he is separated from his family and must make an epic voyage across New York to find his family again, along with way he ends up foiling the plans of Warren T. Rat.

Where does Fievel go to find his family?

Henri nurses Fievel back to health and, through the song “Never Say Never”, restores Fievel’s resolve to find his family. Advised by Henri, Fievel is flown over to the mouse version of Castle Garden (aptly named “Mouse Garden”) to find his family.

How did Fievel Mousekewitz get his trademark hat?

He receives his trademark hat as a Hanukkah present from his father. At first, Fievel claims that the hat is too big, but his mother says that he’ll grow. His father then proceeds to tell them a story of the giant Mouse of Minsk: a mouse that was as tall as a tree and had a tail that was a mile long.