What month is truck month for Chevy?

Chevrolet Truck Month is a recurring annual event, and it is going on right now, in October 2020. If you are late on the calling, don’t worry.

What does Chevy Truck Month mean?

October is Chevy Truck Month, which means buyers can get a $1,000 accessory allowance with the purchase of a new Chevrolet truck or SUV, among other exclusive cash allowance deals and offers.

What months are truck months?

Typically, Ford Truck Month occurs during February and March.

What is GM interest rate?

As of 3/9/21, GM Financial offers APRs from 1.9% to 19.90%. Your APR primarily depends on your credit score, but your loan amount and term can affect these rates as well.

Does GM have 0 financing right now?

0% APR for 72 months for qualified buyers. Monthly payment is $13.89 for every $1000 you finance.

What month is usually Truck Month?

Typically, Ford Truck Month occurs during February and March. Find out what you can expect during Ford Truck Month and how you can get behind the wheel of a new Ford truck near Decatur!

Is every month Truck Month?

What this means is that every month is truck month. If you still believe in the magic of Truck Month though, Truck Month 2020 will happen in February through March of next year.

Is March 2021 a Ford Truck Month?

When is Ford Truck Month 2021? Ford Truck Month is going on all of March 2021! As long as you purchase your new Ford truck before March 31st 2021, you will be able to take advantage of the low interest rate specials and other time sensitive discounts.

Are there any cash back incentives for Chevy trucks?

This July, you can find several cash back incentives on Chevrolet vehicles. The rebates on SUVs include up to $500 cash back on the Trailblazer, $1,500 off the Trax and Traverse, and $2,500 off the Equinox and Blazer. The Silverado, Chevy’s full-size pickup truck, is available with up to $2,000 cash back.

Are there any incentives on the Chevy Colorado?

There are plenty of incentives on Chevrolet trucks too, including cash back when you bring your own financing. The 2021 Colorado, a compact pickup truck, is available this month with a cash rebate of up to $1,600. Meanwhile, there’s a $4,400 cash back offer on the 2021 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab.

Are there any Chevy incentives for July 2021?

A few 2021 Chevrolet vehicles are available with 0% financing deals that last for six years. Qualified buyers can find this incentive on the Trax, Traverse, Blazer, Equinox, and Spark. This July, you can find several cash back incentives on Chevrolet vehicles.

What are the lease incentives for a Chevy Trailblazer?

Best Chevrolet Lease Incentives The 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer has a lease special of $219 per month for 39 months with an initial payment of $3,119. This SUV is not to be confused with the…