What kind of strings do Ableton Orchestra use?

Ableton Orchestral Strings offers a comprehensive selection of naturally rich and dynamic stringed instruments. Features solo and ensemble violin, viola, cello and double bass, all recorded in their natural positions within the orchestra, complete with a number of articulations. The Making of Orchestral Strings

Where can I buy an orchestral ensemble PC?

Gorgeously multisampled and custom-built for Ableton Live, OEE features a robust selection of close-mic string, brass and woodwind ensemble sounds and one-shot orchestral effects samples from the industry-standard Symphobia series – giving you the power of an orchestra on your computer. This item can be purchased on the Ableton website.

Who are the engineers for the Ableton Orchestra?

The sessions were engineered by Emmy Award-winning engineer Antonio Oliart and RIAA award-winning engineer John Bono, with executive producer Jennifer Hruska, who has more than twenty years of experience in the field of soundware development. All instruments are meticulously multisampled in a variety of velocities and articulations.

How are all instruments loaded into Ableton Live?

All instruments are perfectly integrated into Ableton Live’s workflow. Instruments are loaded via Simpler, which is included with Live. All instruments take advantage of SmartPriming, Live’s new resource-efficient sample engine, allowing users to work with an impressive number of instruments in their compositions.

Can you use SoundFonts in Ableton?

Quality free strings/orchestral packs? Anyone have any suggestions on the best free collection of orchestral sounds, strings in particular, for use in Ableton? Thanks in advance! Check out this thread. Someone asked a similar question and got a bunch of answers with links. Soundfonts! Can you use soundfonts in Ableton? I mean the FL Soundfonts?