What kind of store is journeys?

specialty chain retailer
Journeys is a specialty chain retailer, owned by Genesco, of branded fashion footwear and accessories with approximately 1,200 stores nationwide. Journeys operates five retail concepts across North America including Journeys, Journeys Kidz, Shi by Journeys, Underground by Journeys and Little Burgundy.

How many journeys locations are there?

Journeys Shoes/Number of locations

What age can you work at Journeys?

16 years old
How old do you need to be to work here? 16 years old.

What does journeys stand for?

We stand for kindness and inclusion. We stand against injustice and violence. Together we are stronger, united through love. Journeys is a family with an attitude that cares.

Do Journeys sell Nike?

Journeys, in contrast, doesn’t sell Nike shoes. Journeys buyers often design shoes for vendors: For example, they’re helping Dr.

How much does journeys pay an hour?

Journey’s Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Job Title:Sales Associate Range:$7 – $12 Average:$9
Retail Sales Associate Range:$7 – $13 (Estimated *) Average:$9
Retail Store Manager Range:$11 – $21 (Estimated *) Average:$15
Assistant Manager Range:$13 – $25 (Estimated *) Average:$18

What questions do they ask at a Journeys interview?

Interview questions at Journeys They asked me about my pervious experience at my old job, how I felt about my previous manager/supervisor and, best/ worse parts of my last job, and a lot of “what would u do” questions about customer… Are you able to set goals and upsell merchandise daily.

Does journeys have a dress code?

Very laid back, business casual, street wear, journeys shoes. Piercings, colored hair, and tattoos accepted. Must wear the shoes sold by journeys and dress respectively by store standards. Dress code is chill, casual, skater-type clothes.

Can a 14 year old work at Journeys?

How Old to work at Journeys. Minimum age to apply at a Journey store is 16 years old.

What do journeys employees wear?

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