What kind of company is Calpine?

A Fortune 500 company based in Houston, Texas, the company is owned by an affiliate of Energy Capital Partners and a consortium of other investors, including Access Industries Inc….Calpine.

Type Private
Website www.calpine.com

Is Calpine Corporation public?

Houston power company Calpine gave up its its stock symbol on the New York Stock Exchange for a new life as a private company about one year ago. Calpine struggled with lackluster earnings, slumping stock prices and the changing economics of electricity markets.

Who is the CEO of Calpine?

Thad Hill (May 14, 2014–)
Thad (John B., III) Hill serves as President and Chief Executive Officer at Calpine Corporation, one of the nation’s largest independent competitive power companies. Calpine operates its power plants and retail businesses in 25 states and Ontario, Canada.

How much is Calpine worth?

Calpine Corporation today reported Net Income1 of $770 million for the year ended December 31, 2019, compared to Net Income of $10 million in the prior year.

How does Calpine make money?

Calpine Corporation is America’s largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources with operations in competitive power markets. Through wholesale power operations and our retail businesses Calpine Energy Solutions and Champion Energy, we serve customers in 23 states, Canada and Mexico.

Who bought Calpine?

Energy Capital Partners
Normally, private companies don’t report earnings to regulators but Calpine only became a private company last year when Calpine was acquired by New Jersey private equity firm Energy Capital Partners in a deal valued at nearly $17 billion, including the assumption of Calpine’s debt.

Is Calpine a good company?

Calpine is a good company to work for, Wages are competitive, and i have a great management team. Safety is first before anything else. Over all a great company to work for.

Is Calpine a Fortune 500 company?

The energy producer owns and operates low carbon, natural gas-burning and renewable geothermal power plants that serve customers across the U.S. and Canada….Company Info.

CEO John B. Hill III
Website http://www.calpine.com
Years on Fortune 500 List 17
Employees 2,290

When did Calpine go private?

June 11, 2019 Updated: June 13, 2019 12 p.m. Houston power company Calpine had a strong year, heading back to profitability after suffering deep loses in 2017.

Is Energy Capital Partners a public company?

Energy Capital Partners General Information Founded in 2005, Energy Capital Partners is a private equity investment firm based in Summit, New Jersey.

Is Calpine a union?

IBEW Local Union #375 represents approximately 20 employees at the Bethlehem Energy Plant (Calpine Mid-Atlantic Operations, Inc.). These members operate and maintain the eight electrical generators of the facility which is capable of producing 1,130 megawatts of power.

Who owns Convergent Energy?

Convergent Energy and Power was bought out by Energy Capital Partners on Jul 10, 2019 .

Where did the company Calpine get its name?

History. It was essentially a Silicon Valley startup company. The name “Calpine” is derived from the company’s original Cal ifornia location and alpine, a reference to the Zürich home base of Electrowatt. Calpine is the largest generator of electricity from natural gas and geothermal resources in the United States.

How many states does Calpine Power Company serve?

Through wholesale power operations and its retail businesses, Calpine serves customers in 23 states, Canada and Mexico.

When is Calpine going to be acquired by Access Industries?

2018: Calpine is acquired by an affiliate of Energy Capital Partners and a consortium of other investors, including Access Industries Inc. and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, on March 8. A new board is named. Shares of Calpine’s common stock stop trading prior to the March 9, 2018, opening of the New York Stock Exchange .

Who are the members of the Calpine management team?

The executive leadership team includes President/CEO Thad Hill, EVP/Chief Legal Officer Thad Miller, EVP/Chief Financial Officer Zamir Rauf, EVP/Power Operations Charlie Gates and EVPs of Commercial Operations Andrew Novotny and Caleb Stephenson.