What is the use of plummer block?

A pillow block bearing (or plummer block) is a pedestal used to provide support for a rotating shaft with the help of compatible bearings & various accessories. The assembly consists of a mounting block which houses a bearing.

What type of bearing is plummer block?

Plummer block housings can be used with high-capacity spherical roller bearings or self-aligning ball bearings. They are manufactured from high-strength cast iron as standard but are also available in cast steel or spheroidal graphite cast iron.

What is plummer block assembly?

The plummer block, which is an assembly comprising of a self-aligning ball bearing or spherical roller bearing placed in bearing boxes of various shapes, has a large load capacity and is easy to handle, therefore it is widely used in general industrial machinery such as conveyors.

How many types of plummer blocks are there?

SKF manufacture three different types of plummer block housings namely, the ‘SNA’, ‘SN’ and ‘SD’ plummer blocks. SNA plummer blocks are designed for use with bearings mounted on adapter sleeves or with a cylindrical bore.

What is the difference between pillow block and Plummer block?

Pillow blocks are used for more lightweight applications and plummer blocks are used to transfer high power and support heavy industrial loads. Plummer blocks and pillow blocks are designed to safely mount a bearing which lets its outer ring to not move but allows the inner ring to rotate.

How many bolts are used in Plummer block?

Stand-out features of plummer blocks mounting: Alignment markings for quick and easy alignment. Markings for mounting with four fastening bolts. Markings for additional dowel pin.

What is the specification of Plummer block?

Basic Information

Unit, Type Plummer Block
Unit Body Material Gray Cast Iron (FC 200)
Bearing Inner Dia. Shape Cylindrical Bore
Surface Treatment No

What are the parts of Plummer block?

Housings SNOE (NTN-SNR) – housings for spherical roller bearings with cylindrical bore, for high speeds and high loads, housings of ductile cast iron, labyrinth seals. For high speeds, high temperatures and high axial loads. Shaft diameter: 70–260 mm. For industrial fans, hammer crushers etc.

How strong are pillow block bearings?

They have high radial and axial load capacities when used at low to intermediate speed levels. The thrust level of tapered-roller pillow block bearings is about 60% of the radial capacity.

Which bearing is used for high speed?

Silicon nitride is a ceramic material with the chemical formula Si3N4 and is today the ceramic material most commonly used for rolling bearings for both technical and economical reasons. Bearings with only the rolling elements made of ceramics are mainly used for high speed applications.

What is the difference between Plummer block and pillow block?

Are pillow block bearings self aligning?

There are three main types of roller bearings used for pillow blocks. Spherical-roller bearings are self-aligning, double-row, combination radial and thrust bearings.

What are the parts of a plummer block?

A plummer block consists of a cast iron Block Base, gunmetal bearing bottom & top halves, a cast iron cap and two mild steel bolts. It is made in two halves to provide easy placing and removal of the shaft in and from bearing. The split bottom & top halves give advantage to overcome wear as these can be easily replaced.

What are the advantages of a plummer block?

It is made in two halves to provide easy placing and removal of the shaft in and from bearing. The split bottom & top halves give advantage to overcome wear as these can be easily replaced. The bolt holes in the block base are made longer with semi-circular ends for adjusting the position of the bearing.

What does the SN stand for in plummer block?

I) Plummer block model symbol ・SN (S) : Two-split standard model ・SNZ : Two-split standard model, different bore type ・SD : Two-split heavy load type, equipped with double seal ・SV : Integrated type M1 M2 M3 I) Dimension series symbol of plummer block

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