What is the theme of Mater and the Ghostlight?

Mater teases Lightning McQueen when he jumps by saying he must be afraid of the Ghostlight. The other cars decide to frighten Mater with the very thing that he was teasing McQueen about, the Ghostlight. The author is trying to convey the message that you should be kind to others because what goes around comes around.

Is the Ghostlight real?

When McQueen asks about the Ghostlight, Sheriff explains that the Ghostlight is a blue paranormal orb of light that haunts Radiator Springs, but Mater reminds Lightning that it is not real. Sheriff points out that it is real, shocking them. Sheriff ends the story with a warning that the Ghostlight could be anywhere.

How long is Mater and the Ghostlight?

7.9 minutes
Mater and the Ghostlight/Running time

How many Mater tales are there?

Rev up your engines for this unforgettable collection of Cars Toons starring Mater, the lovable and hilarious tow truck from the hit movie Cars. From the creative minds of Disney/Pixar come nine highly entertaining “Tall Tales” involving bullfights, drag races, rock concerts, monster truck showdowns and even UFOs.

What is meaning of ghost light?

A ghost light is a single bulb left burning whenever a theatre is dark. Some argue that its function is to chase away mischievous spirits; others insist it lights the way for the ghosts that are said to inhabit virtually every theatre, keeping them happy and contented.

Does mater have a movie?

Mater and the Ghostlight The short film follows Mater’s day-to-day activities after things have returned to normal in Radiator Springs.

Are the Mater shorts canon?

Cars Toons is a television series of American computer-animated short films produced by Pixar. It features the main characters Lightning McQueen and Mater from Pixar’s Cars franchise non-canonically in the original plot. The series premiered on October 27, 2008 on both Disney Channel, Toon Disney and ABC Family.