What is the synonym of military?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for military, like: martial, militant, armed, for war, peace, combatant, soldierly, militaristic, military establishment, aggressive and army.

What armed forces mean?

: the combined military, naval, and air forces of a nation. — called also armed services.

What are soldiers called?

fighter, mercenary, guerrilla, veteran, guard, officer, volunteer, marine, pilot, paratrooper, trooper, commando, warrior, cadet, infantry, recruit, private, gunner, scout, rank.

What are the duties of armed forces?

Plan, organize, and lead troops and activities in military operations. Manage enlisted personnel. Operate and command aircraft, ships, or armored vehicles. Provide medical, legal, engineering, and other services to military personnel.

What is armed forces answer in one sentence?

The military is the group or groups of people that are given power to defend something (mostly a country). They are armed, so they are called the armed forces. The military protects its country by defending it from the armed forces of enemies, if there is a war.

Why is a Marine not a soldier?

Marines also differ from the traditional soldier, or grunt, in that they are much more technical and proficient in the manner in which they conduct themselves in any kind of battle, as they know they are typically the ones leading the charge, so making mistakes is not an option that ever crosses their mind.

Is it disrespectful to call a Marine a soldier?

You would not call a sailor a soldier, an airman a soldier, and certainly you should not call a Marine a soldier. This in no way diminishes the members of the U.S. Army , who are called soldiers, and their accomplishments. This may be perceived as a small point to someone who has never served in the U.S. military.

What is the Army’s nickname?

Army has gone by the nickname of the Black Knights since 1999. They were known as the Cadets before the change.

Why do you join armed forces?

The members of the Armed Forces serve the country more than any other professional and are also very important in handling and tackling emergency situations such as natural disasters. They get various opportunities to work for the welfare of their country and its citizens.

What is another word for armed force?

Synonyms for armed forces. military. troops. armament. armed services. defense forces. fighting machine.

What does former Armed Forces mean?

Army for the Liberation of Rwanda , ALIR, Former Armed Forces, FAR, Interahamwe (noun) a terrorist organization that seeks to overthrow the government dominated by Tutsi and to institute Hutu control again

What is the plural of armed forces?

Plural armed forces ( plural only ) The military forces of a nation , such as the army , navy , air force , marines and, sometimes, coast or border guards ; these forces are armed with weapons .

What is the antonym of military?

“their military is the largest in the region”; “the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker”. Antonyms: unsoldierly, nonmilitary, unmilitary, civil, civilian, noncombatant. Synonyms: armed services, armed forces, military machine, war machine.