What is the Running of San Fermin?

The festival of San Fermín is a week long, historically rooted celebration held annually in the city of Pamplona, Navarre, in northern Spain. The celebrations start at noon on July 6 and continue until midnight on July 14. A firework starts off the celebrations and the popular song Pobre de mí is sung at the end.

What is the Running of the Bulls festival?

The Running of the Bulls is a free-of-charge bullrunning over an 875-meter course in front of six fighting bulls accompanied by six tamed bell-oxen that lead the bulls through the narrow streets of Pamplona and up as far as the bullring.

Will San Fermin happen in 2021?

The mayor of Pamplona, Enrique Maya, along with the Pamplona City Council have officially announced that the Running of the Bulls, and the larger San Fermin festival will not be held in 2021. Given the current situation with COVID-19, the city of Pamplona and the region of Navarra are not prepared to host the event.

Where in Pamplona is the Running of the Bulls?

old quarter
The Running of the bulls runs along several narrow streets of the old quarter of Pamplona, starting from the slope of Santo Domingo Street all the way up to the bullring. In total, it covers 875 meters.

Is there a dress code for the running of the bulls?

The runners, or mozos, traditionally dress in white pants and shirts with red bandanas around their necks or waists. Almost everyone in the city, male and female, wears the official San Fermin costume: a white shirt (well, white before being doused in sangria), white pants/skirt, a red sash, and a red neck-scarf.

Can anyone run with the bulls in Pamplona?

Anyone 18 years or older is permitted to run with the bulls in Pamplona. No touching of the bulls (You may see some runners do this but it is seen as disrespectful to the animal and will be punished by aficionados and the police alike.)

Can you still run with the bulls?

Men and women 18 years and older can run with the bulls. Runners must be sober and cannot take photos while inside the barriers.

Why do bull runners wear red?

Two legends explain the red-and-white uniform: One says it’s to honor San Fermín, a saint (white) who was martyred (red); the other says that the runners dress like the butchers who began this tradition. (The bulls are color-blind, so they don’t care.)

Where is San Fermin at the running of the Bulls?

Just at the starting-line there is a small nitch built into the wall which holds a small figure of San Fermin. Here, the runners who are bunched up in a disordered pack, chant a homily to the saint to entreat his protection just before the bulls are let loose from the pen.

Where do they celebrate the Fiesta of San Fermin?

The fiestas of San Fermin are celebrated in Irunea/Pamplona, in the region of Navarra, every year from the 6th to the 14th of July. They have become internationally known because of the running of the bulls, where the bulls are lead through the streets of the old quarter as far as the bull ring by runners.

Is the San Fermin Pamplona an unrepeatable experience?

Get the Official App of the City Council of Pamplona with all the information you need to make the most of the Sanfermines. The encierro is an unrepeatable experience for spectators and runners alike. It is a spectacle that is defined by the level of risk and the physical ability of the runners.

When is the running of the Bulls in Pamplona?

The Running of the Bulls is a race with fighting bulls which is held each morning in Pamplona during fiestas, between the 7th and the 14th of July