What is the real name of Coleen Garcia?

Danielle Claudine Ortega García
Coleen Garcia/Full name

Who is Coleen Garcia father?

Jose Garcia
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Does Coleen Garcia have a sister?

Tiffany Ortigas Garcia
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Is Coleen Garcia a Ilocano?

Coleen Garcia – Filipina actress, Her mother is Ilocana from La Union. Jhong Hilario – Filipino actor/host/dancer from Pangasinan. Shamcey Supsup – Filipino Beauty Queen, Her Father is Ilocano.

Who is the ex boyfriend of Coleen Garcia?

Enrique Gil
Garcia’s lead roles include the films Ex with Benefits (2015), Love Me Tomorrow (2016), and Sin Island (2018), as well as the teleseryes Pasión de Amor (2015–2016) and Ikaw Lang ang Iibigin (2017–2018)….Coleen Garcia.

Coleen Garcia-Crawford
Spouse(s) Billy Crawford ​ ( m. 2018)​
Partner(s) Enrique Gil (2010–2011)
Children 1

Did Coleen Garcia give birth?

Coleen gave birth to Amari on the morning of September 10, 2020. Coleen revealed in her latest YouTube vlog she was feeling frustrated and impatient at that time. The actress-endorser said, “No symptoms, no contractions whatsoever, and I was past my 39th week already.

How old is Coleen Garcia now?

29 years (September 24, 1992)
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What is the gender of Billy and Coleen baby?

Coleen Garcia And Billy Crawford Are Officially Parents To A Baby Boy | Metro.

Who is Coleen Garcia’s mother?

Maripaz Magsaysay
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Why did Billy and Nikki break up?

They were seen as an ideal couple, and it was hard to imagine how they could end up parting ways. In The Buzz’s July 28 episode, Billy declared that the reason he and Nikki broke up was that he felt “lost” and “confused.” He also denied that a third party was involved.

How old is Coleen Garcia?

Is Coleen Garcia a baby girl?

Coleen welcomed her first child with husband Billy Crawford last September. Her dad, Jose, introduced his daughter Alison Louise on Facebook last Oct. 20. The actress revealed that she knew she would have another sibling from her father through a message from God.