What is the name of Dhritarashtra daughter?

Duhshala (Sanskrit: दुःशला), also spelt as Dushala or Dussala, was the only daughter of king Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari and sister to Kauravas in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Who is the father of Dhritarashtra and Pandu?

Vichitravirya, Second son of King Santanu and fisher-girl Satyavathi; Legal father of Dhritarashtra and Pandu. Vidura, Son of a palace girl (in the palace of Satyavathi) with Vyasa. Pandu’s younger brother. One of the few who did not participate in the Great War.

How can Gandhari have 100 sons?

The sage Dwaipayana gave a boon to Gandhari that she would be blessed with 100 sons, the Kauravas. He then asked Gandhari to cut the lump of mass into 100 pieces and place it in 100 different pots filled with clarified butter and wait. On Gandhari’s request of a daughter, the pieces were cut into 101.

Who is duryodhana sister?


Affiliation Kaurava
Weapon Gada (mace)
Family Dhritarashtra (father) Gandhari (mother) Dushasana, Vikarna and 97 more (brothers) Dushala (sister) Yuyutsu (step-brother)
Spouse Bhanumati

Did Draupadi had a daughter?

Draupadi had only five sons in the original epic. But, according to some folklores, the Pandavas and Draupadi had six daughters. Based on several folklores, the names of their daughters are listed below: Suthanu (from Yudhishthira)

Who is Pandu’s wife?


He was married to Kunti, the adoptive daughter of Kuntibhoja and the daughter of Shurasena (father of Vasudeva Anakadundubhi and grandfather of Krishna). His second wife was the princess of the Madra kingdom Madri.

How many sons and daughters Gandhari have?

Gandhari’s story did not end with a “still birth.” As the legend goes, the “fetus” was divided into a hundred pieces, which were put in jars to which ghee (clarified butter) was added, and incubated. Finally, 101 children were born, one by one.

Was Draupadi the most beautiful girl?

Draupadi. Draupadi or “Panchali” was one among the 9 most beautiful women of Mahabharata. She was the daughter of the emperor of Panchala, King Drupada.

Who killed yudhishthira?

When Krishna Stopped Arjuna from Killing Yudhishthira. Attempted fratricide, attempted suicide – a bizarre turn of affairs on the seventeenth day! Krishna may have uttered the most profound 800 shlokas ever at the beginning of the war (Bhagvad Gita Parva).