What is the meaning behind the name Twenty One Pilots?

The name “Twenty One Pilots” is inspired by Arthur Miller play All My Sons, in which 21 pilots are killed. 2. The music video for ‘House of Gold’ was partially shot on actor Will Smith’s ranch in Los Angeles.

Who is Tyler Josephs Dad?

Chris Joseph
Tyler Joseph/Fathers

Does Tyler Joseph have a brother?

Zack Joseph
Jay Joseph
Tyler Joseph/Brothers

When did Tyler’s grandpa died?

On March 17, 2018 Robert unfortunately passed away after battling with Alzheimer’s disease. His passing inspired Joseph’s song, “Legend”, which he began writing while his grandfather was alive, but finished after his death.

What is Josh Dun’s middle name?

Joshua William Dun
Josh Dun/Full name

Does Twenty One Pilots do drugs?

I never got into drugs or alcohol, but I would yell at my parents and just treat them terribly.

What’s the story of Johnny Boy by Twenty One Pilots?

About “Johnny Boy”. The song follows the character of Johnny, an everyday John Doe character with an untold story who becomes troubled by his un-importance, and the fact that nobody views him as someone with opinions and personality. Echoes of Tyler Joseph’s experiences with depression are also evident throughout the song.

What does John mean in Twenty One Pilots song?

John is considered to be one of the most common names in America. So, Tyler is saying that everyone has hurts and struggles and feels like they “can’t get up.” The song is one of encouragement to get people to get back up on their feet. twenty one pilots

Why did Tyler Joseph write song Johnny Boy?

As described in a 2020 interview with Tyler Joseph’s father, Tyler wrote “Johnny Boy” to honor and encourage his father after he had been fired from his job. He uses “Johnny…

Who is the father of Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots?

Singer Tyler Joseph‘s father, Chris Joseph has provided the answer we’ve all been seeking. A number of theories have sprouted up over the years about the contents and meaning of the 2009 hit from twenty one pilots’ S/T album. At last we finally have what it’s actually about.