What is the hostel fees at COEP Pune?

A. Hostel fees for Regular students: Rs. 23,000/- year / student.

Does COEP have swimming pool?

College of Engineering (COEP) Pune Facilities Details: Hostel, Sports, Canteen & Swimming Pool.

Does COEP hostel have Wi-Fi?

Internet and Intranet connectivity is also provided in every room, additional Wi-Fi facility is provided at the hostel campus.

Does COEP have gym?

However, all facilities are available in old hostel buildings like LAN port for every student, Wi-Fi, gym, etc. Hostel mess is top class, and the food is also amazing.

Is COEP autonomous?

College of Engineering Pune (COEP), is an autonomous institute of the Government of Maharashtra, situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Established in 1854 it is the 3rd oldest engineering college in India, after College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai (1794) and IIT Roorkee (1847).

Is Mobile allowed in COEP?

Only hostel students are permitted to avail the facility of mess. No Guests or outsiders are permitted to take meal in the mess without prior permission of hostel office. 15. The Jewellery, money, laptop, mobile and any other costly items should be kept in safe custody, on student’s own risk.

Is there WIFI in COEP?

Internet connectivity is also provided in every room. The different operating systems and platforms are made available in computer room. The hostel campus maintenance like cleaning /sweeping, pest control is out sourced.

Does Google come to COEP?

Google Student Club, established in 2013 in College Of Engineering Pune is the only Google – affiliated in COEP.

How big is the girls hostel in COEP Pune?

Girls Hostel: There are 4 blocks i.e GHB (Girls Hostel Block) designed by renowned architect Christopher Charles Benninger, 11 storey building with capacity of 500 girls approximately to endeavor 100% accommodation for girls. GHB accommodates three students per room with separate wardrobe,study table,lamp and cot.

What are the services of a hostel in Pune?

The hostel campus maintenance like cleaning /sweeping, pest control is out sourced. The electrical repairs, and security services are round the clock. A facility of visiting doctor with a separate dispensary block within the hostel premises is available. Separate Doctors are available for boys and girls.

Who is the architect of COEP college hostel?

“The ambitious plan of the college hostel, designed by architect Christopher Benninger, will comply with the Green Building Council,” said chief rector of the hostel and faculty BG Birajdar. The building would be spacious and will have lobbies and a gallery. Besides that three girls would share one room as against five girls in one room.

Which is the hostel of College of Engineering Poona?

Later on, the hostel was known as Poona Civil Engineering College Hostel and,subsequently in the year 1911, the name was changed to the College of Engineering Poona Hostel, popularly known as the COEP Hostel. The hostel campus is located in the close proximity of institute campus.