What is the difference between a Gibson j45 Studio and standard?

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is in their electronics. The J-45 Standard comes with the L.R. The J-45 Studio has a Fishman Sonitone pickup. Fishman is renowned for their pickups, but it’s a little surprising to see one in a Gibson, as they’re often found in much cheaper guitars.

What is the difference between a Gibson J-45 and j50?

The new J-50 was offered in a natural finish with a 3-ply front binding and a different shaped bridge – but other than a few cosmetic changes, the J-45 and the J-50 are the same guitar.

How can you tell a fake Gibson J-45?

One thing to look for is how the truss rod cover is attached. Gibson uses two screws to attach it. If the guitar in question has three screws to attach the truss rod cover, it’s a fake.

How much is a Gibson J-45 worth?

J-45 from the early 70s should get you about $2000 retail, but that means shops like GC will only give you about $1000 (so the GS $800 offer was in line) so they can sell it at profit.

What size is a Gibson j45?


Body Shape: Slope Shoulder Jumbo
Finish: Sunburst nitrocellulose
Dimensions: Width: 406 mm – 16″ Depth: 122 mm – 4.8″
Body Material: Solid Mahogany
Top Material: Solid Sitka Spruce

Who played a Gibson J-50?

In 1947, Gibson reintroduced the natural finished J-50 with their new block style logo. You may remember a certain natural finished Gibson jumbo with the script logo that was played by Bob Dylan during his glory days.

Are Gibson Guitars made in China?

No, authentic Gibson guitars are not made in China. The Gibson brand is known for its prestige, and thus only stamps the Gibson logo on its top-of-the-line guitars that are made in the United States. Gibson Les Paul guitars are some of the most counterfeited guitars out there since they are so popular.

How good is the Gibson J-45?

The J-45 is that guitar. Absolutely the best sounding acoustic I’ve ever played. If you’re on the line thinking about it, just go for it and you’ll love it. Sweet, mellow sound and just a joy to play, perfect finish, and the 55 point evaluation from Sweetwater is just icing on the most beautiful cake you’ve ever had.

What happened to the Gibson g45?

Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued and is no longer in production or available for order.

What body shape is a J45?

In ’69, the Martin-style belly bridge returned, and turned out to be a signal of a fundamental change in the J-45s design. Late in that year, Gibson abandoned the round-shouldered dreadnought shape and gave the J-45 a Martin-style square-shouldered body, along with a longer, 25.5″ scale length.